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50 Lead Generation Posts Your Business Needs You to Read

Consumers are getting smarter and have high expectations for your brand, and as a marketer, it’s your job to do the wooing. Lead generation is all about connecting brands and audience. These 50 posts will teach you how to do it right.

Post-Conversion Strategies for Lead Gen Landing Pages

You’ve optimized your landing page to convert like an electric car salesman in a world without oil , and your PPC campaign is pumping out a CPA lower than a spring break limbo pole. Now what?

3 Principles of a High Converting Lead Gen Landing Page

Lead generation is all about matching what you’re offering with what you’re asking for. These 3 tips will help you create higher converting landing pages, and explain how you can leverage social networks to get your prospects doing your work for you.

Look at My Banner Ads Dammit! [Infographic]

Who is looking at – and more importantly clicking – your banners? This infographic has a ton of useful stats to help you learn how people are interacting (or not) with your banners.

5 Tips to Use News Events to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

Capitalizing on news events is a useful way to drive traffic to a brand’s landing pages through social media channels, like Twitter and Facebook. Read these 5 tips on how to find the news and use it to drive more traffic.

[Webinar] Capture More Leads & Increase Conversions with Phone Call Tracking

Today we’re announcing an exciting new partnership with phone call tracking provider Ifbyphone – and to kick it off we’ve lined up a free webinar on September 21st that’ll show you how phone tracking & landing pages can bring in more conversions and qualified sales leads.

Conversion Psychology #1: Why Stealing Grapes is Good for Your Form Conversions [Case Study]

If you’ve ever shopped for fruit, then you’ve either “done it” … “thought about doing it” … or “watched someone else doing it”. I’m talking about grape theft, the psychology of which can be applied to improve the conversion rate of your lead capture forms.

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5 Ways to Get Your Client To Say “Yes” to Conversion Forms

With 78% of marketers placing high quality lead generation as their top priority, a well placed conversion form within a website can be one of the most valuable parts of an organization’s online presence. BUT a large % of marketing departments spend their budget on traffic to their website, without giving a visitor the opportunity to convert into a lead.

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More Conversions Than a Kool-Aid Cult: Using Mind Control to Boost Your Lead Gen Conversion Rate!

These tips are designed to beef up your conversion rate and leave you with a throng of admiring followers. No one will suspect that beneath the shining facade of your marketing is a dark secret: you’re using classic mind control tactics to increase conversions.

[HOW TO] Twitter Lead Capture – An Easy Way to Find New Business Leads with Social Media

The concept of a lead is normally associated with an email address, but that’s only one way of seeing it. Having a potential business target within your social sphere of influence is another way to extend your reach and build your inbound marketing program. I’ll show you a simple 3-step process for building more business leads using Twitter, hashtags and real-time search results.

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