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A Step-by-Step Guide to Running Successful Marketing Campaigns (+ 9 Tools to Help)

If you don’t have a deliberate and structured approach to running your marketing campaigns, then you’re not likely to see measurable results. Here’s a blueprint for launching successful marketing campaigns – with a selection of hand-picked tools to help you through each step.

What Are Your Marketing Predictions for 2015? [Interactive Infographic]

With every new year comes a slew of marketing “predictions” posts. While we have our own ideas, we’d much rather hear from our fellow comrades in the marketing trenches. What do you predict will shape the year ahead?

5 Lessons From Mad Men’s Peggy Olson and Other Badass TV Marketers

To celebrate the premiere of Mad Men’s final season on Sunday, we’ve put our TV watching skills to good use and rounded up some (actually) relevant insights from our favorite fictional marketers.

10 Words That Only a Marketer Could Have Made Up

From catvertising to advertainment, marketers have made up a lot of silly words to describe what we do. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite marketing portmanteaus in this listicle (see what we did there?).

11 Documentaries That Will Make You a Smarter Marketer

Sometimes as marketers we get so caught up in tactics that we lose sight of the bigger picture. Here are 11 mind-expanding documentaries that all marketers should watch.

Don’t Learn to Code: 10 Essential Tools That Help Marketers Focus on Marketing

There’s been lots of talk lately about marketers learning to code, but we prefer tools that allow marketers to focus on what they’re good at: increasing conversions. Here are some favorites.

10 Inspiring Marketing Talks To Help You Kick-Start 2014

The new year has arrived! To help you hit the ground running, we’ve put together this list of inspiring marketing talks by the likes of John Cleese, Elizabeth Gilbert and some lesser-known gems.

I’m a Marketer, Not a Growth Hacker: A New Year’s Resolution

Are you a Growth Hacker? Or simply a Smart Marketer? We close out the year with some inspirational words for marketers of all stripes.

The Top 5 Online Marketing Webinars of 2013

If last year was all about ebooks and infographics, here at Unbounce it was the year of the webinar. Check out our list of the top 5 marketing webinars of 2013.

The Year of Big Content: Top 10 Online Marketing Resources of 2013

From ebooks and infographics, to ecourses and epic blog posts, this is the year content marketing went BIG. Here are some of the best online marketing resources of 2013.

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