What Are Your Marketing Predictions for 2015?

The new year is officially here and you know what that means: time to purchase that gym membership and make a commitment to call your mother more often. And finally get your inbox to zero (or at least closer to zero… you’re only human after all).

For marketers in particular, it also means the arrival of the yearly “predictions” posts. From conversion marketing to content marketing to PPC marketing, every nook and cranny of the marketing landscape will be put in front of the crystal ball.

And while we have our own ideas, we’d much rather hear from our fellow comrades in the marketing trenches. We asked out readers: What do you predict will shape the year ahead?

Here’s what they said.


Happy new year!

— Amanda Durepos

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About Amanda Durepos
As Unbounce’s former blog editor, Amanda Durepos curated and crafted content to help marketers be better at their jobs. When she wasn't managing the editorial calendar for the Unbounce Blog, she was wrangling internal and external subject matter experts, helping them educate other marketers in an entertaining and actionable way. You can follow her on Twitter but she’s mostly just making puns.
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  1. Barry Feldman

    Fun idea and it strikes me that perhaps Unbounce is subtlety demonstrating trends to come: user-generated, interactive, and/or crowd-sourced content. Translation: great content marketers will source content from more than just marketers.

    BTW, if Agassi wins the island thing, count me in. No offense Oli, but if I’m stranded on an island I’d rather talk tennis than conversion.

    • Amanda Durepos

      Really interesting insight, Barry. Thanks!

      • ADT

        I am very glad that I find your regular post here. Which seems to be very important and it made good time pass for me. I will always give a nice thrust look in to you from my bookmark feed. I don’t actually comment and don’t like to spend time in typing the comment. But here I have to do this because this deserves a good like.

  2. Charly McCracken

    GREAT JOB Amanda! Wishing you the very best year ever.

  3. Yash

    Awesome interactive and UGC example! I like how Dodge and Neil Patel are fighting for second place!

  4. Madhura

    Interesting infographic.. Waiting for the final result.

  5. james brown

    Very creative. I thing content will be the king & mobile phone is the top most marketing platform this year.

  6. Evans

    Content in Context.
    2015 still going mobile!

  7. Amber

    Where/how can we see the answer stats so far and final results?

    • Amanda Durepos

      Hey Amber, it’s dynamically updated, so check back in later to see how the results change. :)

  8. Toneri Stampaci

    2015 will be the year that will change everything!

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  10. Xen Chia

    Very creative to present your questions in infographic. I’ve always been curious who made “content” the king. I believe content, channels, context, community etc. are all important ingredients in any digital marketing strategy. So in 2015, I predict there will be a few outstanding digital strategy that combines all those elements in a very creative manner to deliver a successful brand.

  11. Bilal MEO

    Hi Amanda Durepos,
    Interesting infographic, I thing content will be the king in SEO and Marketing,

  12. Angie Schottmuller

    Super cool interactive infographic! I’ve not seen that technology before. Love it! (It might help to add a call-to-action at the top of the page describing how to interact and contribute votes.)

    P.S. Who are Johnathan Dane and Doge?? (Time for some research…)

  13. Jennifer

    This was so much fun! I haven’t seen anything like it before, although I’m fairly new to the industry (completed the clickminded seo training course).

  14. David

    Good Marketing Infographic, 2015 will make a change

  15. arjun singh

    Awesome like about marketing i really enjoy while reading this info

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  17. hal

    Wonder what 2017 will be like? Mostly good for marketers I hope.