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  • [NEW E-ZINE] Humanizing Marketing in an Increasingly Automated World

    Advances in technology bring about a lot of buzz and excitement, but also a lot of anxiety. Case in point? Look what autocompleted when I entered “machines will” into a Google search bar:



    Will robots replace us in our jobs? Will they be better at them? Will they convince us that they are conscious? Will they embody human qualities?

    “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

    Digital marketers in particular may be wary of the rise of machines, as more of their jobs become reliant upon analytics and algorithm-based machine learning systems.

    On the one hand, they help us work more efficiently and learn more about our target market than ever before.

    On the other, listening blindly to what the data says can sometimes lead to marketing collateral devoid of any human emotion.

    So are spreadsheets, data and machines friend or foe?

    In Unbounce’s new e-magazine, The Split, we explore the world of machine learning, analytics and automation to answer the question: can creativity jive with data to create better marketing experiences?

    Check out the free e-zine below.

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    About Amanda Durepos
    As Unbounce’s Blog Editor, Amanda Durepos curates and crafts content to help marketers be better at their jobs. When she’s not managing the editorial calendar for the Unbounce Blog, she’s wrangling internal and external subject matter experts, helping them educate other marketers in an entertaining and actionable way. You can follow her on Twitter but she’s mostly just making puns.
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    • aanchal

      Waiting for the e-zine!

      • Amy Wood

        You can find it here: http://the-split.unbounce.com/. Thanks for reading :)

        • Hi Amy, it was great!

          I have been a loyal unbound customer for more than 2 years now.

          Gave em an awesome idea to create one for my magazine too, which software did you use to create this e-zine?

          • Amanda Durepos

            Thanks for your kind words Dimarco! We used software called ReadyMag. :)

    • Eli

      I LOVE IT.

    • Awesome stuff!

      • Amanda Durepos

        Thanks Jamie!

    • Excellent article thank you for sharing your knowlegde…