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8 Examples of What Not to Do On Your Ebook Landing Page

Ebooks are great for lead generation – but if your landing page is lame, prospects will write you off. Here are eight ebook landing page examples that missed the mark (with tips on how to fix them).

Is Your Landing Page Suffering from Bad Copy? Here’s How to Fix It

Copy is the lifeblood of a landing page, yet it’s often overlooked. These 10 pages are suffering from a case of bad copy – here’s what the doctor ordered.

8 Free-Trial Landing Page Examples (With Testing Ideas)

Free trials can help boost your bottom line – if your landing page is up to snuff. Here are 10 free trial landing page examples with critiques.

8 Lead Gen Landing Pages That Can’t Close The Deal

Lead gen landing pages are useless if they’re not converting quality leads. Here are 8 landing page examples that make life a lot harder for their sales team – and tips on how to fix them.

9 Landing Page Design Techniques That Will Make You a Conversion Hero

Copy is important but a beautiful, conversion-centered landing page design can make all the difference between success and failure. Here are 9 design techniques to apply to your campaign.

10 Landing Page Examples That’ll Make You Propose or Toss the Ring

Some landing pages convert so well you can fall in love with them. Others are so bad they will break your heart. Here are 10 landing page examples to put you through the emotional ringer.

10 Landing Page Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again

We all make mistakes. But when it comes to conversions, you’re leaving money on the table. Here are 10 common landing page mistakes and how to fix them.

7 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Page Examples [with critiques]

The holiday marketing season has officially arrived. We look at 7 Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing campaigns and see who is playing naughty or nice with landing pages.

3 Essential Ingredients of Landing Page Headlines That Convert

Think you’re good at writing landing page headlines? How about writing great landing page headlines? Start using 3 simple elements (focus, relevance and benefits) and you’ll be writing your way to higher conversion rates.


12 B2B Pay-Per-Click Landing Page Examples [With Critiques]

A collection of 12 B2B Pay-Per-Click Landing page examples that will inspire your next landing page. Each example includes a critique of what’s good, and what could be changed or tested.

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