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The Year of Big Content: Top 10 Online Marketing Resources of 2013

From ebooks and infographics, to ecourses and epic blog posts, this is the year content marketing went BIG. Here are some of the best online marketing resources of 2013.

20 Marketing Insights That Inspired Us In 2013

Get a dose of inspiration from 20 of the best marketing quotes we’ve collected over the course of 2013. This collection includes insightful thoughts from a wide range of thought leaders, such as Seth Godin, Michael Aagaard and even Walt Disney.

The Video Marketing Guide to Vine, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube & Google Hangouts

How can marketers leverage video to generate leads, engage customers and present their brand? This post will break down the leading video marketing platforms including Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo & Google Hangouts.

13 Warning Signs Your Web Copy Stinks

You slaved over your web copy, carefully crafted & polished each sentence. You’ve rewritten, edited and tweaked. You hit publish and… nothing. Here are 13 crappy copy warning signs, mistakes you should avoid and tweetable takeaways.

Tweet This! 66 Quotes From Outspoken Marketers

“I love being marketed to.” – Said no one. Ever. Quotes like that are legendary. We all wish we’d said them. Some of us even slip them into conversation at dinner parties. If that’s your bag o’ clams, you’ll love this collection of 66 marketing quotes.

How to Make Your Ebook Marketing Campaign *Almost* Perfect

A multi-channel, multi-touch online marketing campaign, requires a lot of planning & attention to detail. It’s easy to let one or two of the pieces fall through the cracks. Learn from an analysis of Easypurl’s full-cycle ebook marketing campaign.

Why Don’t Most Web Designers Know Anything About Business?

3 critical facts only 1 in 100 web designers know about designing an effective business site. Knowing these will help you create a profitable website and give you a leg up against your competition. Boom!

People Are More Likely to Survive a Plane Crash Than Click a Banner Ad [Infographic]

Banner ads are the ugly stepchild of online marketing. Placed in the middle of our content they are more than annoying. Native Ads with their semantically relevant content, however, actually augment the user experience.

How Do You Write the Perfect Headline?

A headline has one objective: inspire the reader to read the next line. How do you write the perfect headline? Which headline writing technique works the best? This guy has 25 years experience in the biz. He’ll tell you.

3 [Awesome] Ways to Identify Your Biggest Fans & Collect Customer Testimonials

There’s nothing more attractive to leads than seeing happy customers who already use your service or product. Here’s how you can identify your biggest fans & collect customer testimonials.

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