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10 *Useful* Rules for Using Pinterest for Business [Infographic]

If you’re creating interesting visual content (you should be), then this guide will help you maximize your acquisition potential. Master these 10 commandments and you’ll be able to leverage your content visuals in a way that benefits your business.

5 Ways To Create Social Landing Pages That Convert

In this post you’ll learn how to contemporize your landing pages with the latest social media techniques and widgets, and why it’s beneficial to do so.

[How To] Increase Social Conversions with Facebook’s Page Post Targeting

Facebook is rolling out a new page post targeting feature that will allow brands to target their posts to more specific segmented audiences, beyond the location and language targets we’ve become accustomed to. We say: It’s about time! But will these advanced targeting options help brands improve conversions?

The Beginners Guide to Running a Social Media Contest

Follow this step-by-step guide to promoting and running a contest on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, including: navigating the rules, how to choose a prize and selecting a winner.

7 Super Useful Infographics About Google+ and a Lesson From Each

If you still have doubts about Google+, check out this collection of infographics and tips to make the most of it’s mammoth power – especially for organic search.

Why Google+ is Good For Business – and the Stats to Prove it [Infographic]

Google+ isn’t an epic fail like buzz and wave – it’s actually really useful, especially for marketing your business. Learn the stats that prove it in this big infographic.

Facebook vs. LinkedIn – 10 B2B Marketing Resources [with Infographic]

LinkedIn? Facebook? Which is better for B2B marketing? Facebook has 155 million US users compared to 55 on LinkedIn, but does that mean it’s better for B2B marketing? Not so fast, boss.

Measuring Social Media ROI & Goal Conversions with Google Analytics 5

Learn how to use Google Analytics 5 to measure social media ROI and the relationship between social media referral traffic and conversions.

4 Steps to Increase Click-Throughs & Conversions with Pinterest

How can you leverage the power of pins to your advantage? Keep reading to find out how corporations, small businesses and everyday users are doing it, and how & why you should be using Pinterest to your marketing advantage. Acupuncture works…

3 Things you Forgot About Quora That Make it a Secret Marketing Weapon

If only there existed a social network where fellow marketers, business leaders, passionate students, and high-profile investors could easily engage with one another beyond a casual Tweet or LinkedIn connection! Oh wait, there is… Quora

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