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7 Must-Read Articles to Supercharge Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Even with a rising number of users browsing from their phones, 84% of companies lack a mobile strategy. Don’t be a stat – have a mobile strat! Here are seven articles to help make your marketing campaigns a little more mobile-friendly.

10 Conversion Psychology Resources That Will Make You a Smarter Marketer

Understanding human behavior helps you create landing pages that both delight and convert. Here are 10 conversion psychology resources every marketer needs to have in their arsenal.

17 Battle-Tested Resources for Marketers Who Stink at Design

Even if you have an eye for design, you may still suck at making visuals for your marketing campaigns. Here are 17 resources that can help – no Photoshop skills required.

3 Offline Marketing Lessons That Will Boost Your Online Conversions

Sometimes marketing inspiration comes from unlikely places. Turns out a visit to the pharmacy, a jog around town and your very own pets can teach you a lot about conversion rate optimization.

5 Landing Page Videos That Will Make You Jealous

Landing page videos are fun, useful and can do wonders for conversion. We collect and critique some of our favorites.

13 Pay-Per-Click Blogs We Googled So You Don’t Have To

Looking to boost your PPC knowledge? Check the best of the best pay-per-click blogs on the internet. Whether you manage a multi-million dollar marketing budget or are looking to invest $0.30 on your first click, you’ll want some guidance from the folks who’ve been there before.

23 Pay-Per-Click Lessons from Marketing Masterminds

We’ve gathered the best advice on pay-per-click marketing. Soak up the knowledge from these masterminds and you will be on your way to PPC greatness.

10 Killer Posts on Conversion and Design

Like Bonnie & Clyde, Conversion and Design are a legendary pair. These 10 posts on the dynamic duo, will guide you to making killer conversion decisions and acquire more customers as a result.

Save Your Business Blog From Google’s RSS Hammer

Come July 1st, Google’s RSS Reader is done. Gone. Finito. Use this comprehensive strategy that will not only save, but grow your businesses blog subscribers.

Navigating the Social Labyrinth: Vine, Graph Search & Quora Untangled

Twitter’s Vine, Facebook’s Graph Search & Quora’s blogging platform are the latest additions to the big social media platforms. But are they any good, and how do you use them? Here are 30 posts to help you figure them out.

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