5 Video Landing Page Examples That Will Make You Jealous

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My landing page video is better than YOUR landing page video. Photo credit: Nikita Vishneveckiy

Online videos are the internet’s gift to the world. As shameless procrastinators we have instant access to all the adorable kittens, baby bloopers, and awkward moments that ours hearts desire.

But once we put our marketing hats on, videos give us more than just entertainment — they give us conversion power . Especially when those videos live on a landing page.

Why Landing Page Videos Matter

Landing page videos are perfect for demonstrating the benefits of whatever product or service you’re marketing in a concise, entertaining and informative way.

According to fellow Unbounce writer Andrew Angus, explainer videos have the potential to boost conversions by as much as 20% .

The power of landing page videos is far from surprising. Studies on web use have show that humans have an attention span of about 8 seconds. Our pet goldfish? Their attention spans are 9 seconds.

Thing is, landing page videos won’t work if they’re done wrong. That’s why we’ve assembled the following list – to empower you to create the best landing page videos evar. Let’s get to it.

1. CrazyEgg

Created by: Demo Duck


What on earth is a heatmap? Sometimes as marketers we forget that we’re speaking a language that is completely foreign to most humans. CrazyEgg, a company that sells heatmapping software, realized that words could not do its product justice.

So they hired the Demo Duck crew to explain (in less than a minute) why small businesses need more than Google Analytics to boost website conversions.

3 Things I Like About the Video

  1. The video speaks directly to audiences who are problem-aware, but not solution-aware
  2. The video communicates a clear value proposition for how businesses can make more money
  3. The video is well-integrated into CrazyEgg’s homepage — strong visual cues guide the user’s attention toward the videos and down the page

Bonus Points: The CrazyEgg team is rigorous about measuring how its landing page explainer video translates into conversions. The video helped CrazyEgg generate an extra $21K per month in revenue.

3 Things I’d Change

  1. The introduction frame of the video could be shorter and get right to the point
  2. The video can include a clearer call to action to “learn more” or read customer stories on the homepage
  3. Customer testimonials could be closer to the video on the homepage (you have to scroll down to see the social proof)

2. Giving Stage

Created by: Homemade


Giving Stage is a San Francisco-based startup that’s building a “virtual venue” where artists can perform to raise money for charity. It’s a cool idea but a mouthful to explain. You really need to see it to understand what a virtual venue is all about. Hence, this explainer video.

3 Things I Like About the Video

  1. The video has a strong human interest angle and features the company’s founders
  2. The video provides a thorough yet concise introduction to Giving Stage — without saying a word
  3. Just as music is a focal point of Giving Stage, it’s a focal point of the video

3 Things I’d Change

  1. There should be two strong CTAs on the landing page right after the video — one for performers to learn more and one for audiences
  2. It would be great for the landing page to feature some stats about funds raised as well as audience testimonials (once the startup is up and running, though — they’re just starting out)
  3. I’d love to see a screencast of an actual show once the startup is more established

3. IT Man

Created by: Barq Video


Panorama9 is an IT monitoring system for IT monitoring systems. Sounds really boring, right? But their explainer video features IT Man — a throwback to Super Mario Brothers and PacMan — who ensures that boring is nowhere to be found in this video.

The video is downright hilarious (and not for the faint of heart). Any IT sales professional who watches this will get a kick, guaranteed.

3 Things I Like About the Video

  1. Nerd humor that the company’s target audience will definitely love
  2. It has a storyline, narrative hook and plot – rare for an explainer video
  3. It offers a glimpse “behind the scenes” of Panorama9’s products and services

3 Things I’d Change

  1. The video needs stronger integration with Panorama9’s homepage — the pop-up is a distraction from the website’s core call-to-action
  2. The introduction could be condensed to get to the product overview sooner
  3. An action-oriented CTA would boost the video’s conclusion – and conversion potential

4. Rypple (now Work.com)

Created by: Switch Video


Rypple is a social performance management platform for busy, time-strapped professionals. Haven’t heard of it? You probably have heard of Work.com, which is owned by SalesForce.

Before Rypple was Work.com, the company had this beautiful explainer video on its website. The video was so inspiring that commenters actually noted the acquisition on YouTube:

“I like this Rypple PR YouTube video – I can see why Salesforce.com acquired them”

3 Things I Like About the Video

  1. The video has a storyline with heavy human interest
  2. It describes the problem that Rypple is solving, in detail
  3. The video is well-integrated with the landing page, right next to the CTA and with client logos right below it

3 Things I’d Change

  1. The video focuses heavily on the problem and could focus more on Rypple as the solution
  2. I don’t really see the “social” connection between the video and the landing page headline (Am I missing something?)
  3. I think the “product tour” would have been the stronger CTA following the explainer video

5. ZenCash

Created by: DemoDuck


ZenCash is a platform that helps business owners simplify their accounts receivables process. The explainer video has a unique, hand-sketched style that audiences seem to find compelling.

According to ZenCash, 74% of website visitors click play and watch more than 64% of the video, on average.

3 Things I Like About the Video

  1. The landing page experience is cohesive and streamlined: the video is front and center – so users can see the benefits of the service right away – the form is short, and the CTA is bold
  2. The style of the video is beautiful and unique
  3. The company’s unique value proposition is communicated clearly and boldly

Bonus points: The video is very short! Less than 2 minutes.

3 Things I’d Change

  1. The explainer video should be integrated into ZenCash’s homepage
  2. The customer testimonials could be closer to the video, above the landing page fold
  3. Who are the “experts” that the ZenCash homepage advertises?

Final Thoughts

Remember that your landing page videos don’t exist in a bubble.

When planning your script, storyline, and visuals you need to think of how these elements fit into your overall conversion strategy and landing page experience.

What landing page videos make you jealous?

— Ritika Puri

About Ritika Puri
Ritika Puri is a Los Angeles based marketing and business blogger who writes about trends in data, internet culture, and entrepreneurship. She's inspired by the intersection between technology and sociology.
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  1. Ally

    Good post, Ritika. The Crazy Egg video is brilliant!

  2. Pedro Pereira

    Awseome landing pages. Videos are becoming very important in a marketing digital communication :)

  3. Anthony

    I like the CrazyEgg one the best, personally. I do agree that the intro is just a tad too long but overall it’s great. Will there be a part 2 to this list?

  4. James H.

    Very useful resources here, Ritika! Thanks for sharing them! I really want to learn more about CrazyEgg’s heatmap tool now. That’ll be so useful for businesses to see exactly where they’re going wrong with their websites.

    Thanks again!

  5. Azizul Yusof

    Any comment on my video? :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9i-irNdmIfo (That’s the 1st version, a better one will be online soon)

    Anyway, animated marketing video usually is expensive. Since my clients (for Web Design & Internet Marketing Service) are Small Businesses, they can’t afford to pay Thousands for a 60 seconds Video so i went ahead and learned how to make that kind of video but with a much lower cost.

    Now they can get it for less than $500. The videos maybe won’t be as good as all the $10K Videos but they are happy. And i am happy when my clients are happy :)

    Plus, giving those Small Businesses the chance to get what the bigger Business have (in this case, animated marketing video) is priceless!


  6. Anoop Srivastava

    Ritika, Good LP information collection. Crazy Egg video is really good. Thanks.

  7. Gabriel

    Hey Ritika,

    great article.

    Would love to get a critique on our video http://padiact.com/ :D.

  8. Bryan

    One trend I’m noticing (as you have mentioned) is customer testimonials seem to be an after thought to a lot of people. They just throw them in at random places and never update them.

    I think it’d be interesting to even try to include some testimonials in the videos or just a short case study / results based social proof example. This is something I’m currently working on.

  9. Elodie B.

    Ooooh, very useful article, it makes me want to try to make a crazy landing page!

    Thanks for sharing all of this and for your article Rikita!

  10. Marta

    If I had to pick my favourite from the 5 you wrote about, then definitely CrazyEgg wins.

  11. Marian

    Great share.. CrazyEgg is amazing..

  12. Jitendra Vaswani

    Awesome video landing pages. Ritika you are such an awesome writer. Video marketing is another part of any business to boost their sales.

  13. Mike

    Thanks Ritika. IT Man is my favorite

  14. Anirban Pathak

    Anyway, animated marketing video usually is expensive. Since my clients (for Web Design & Internet Marketing Service) are Small Businesses, they can’t afford to pay Thousands for a 60 seconds Video so i went ahead and learned how to make that kind of video but with a much lower cost.


    The most interactive is the 4th (Rypple), but I thing CrazyEgg is the most strategic.

  16. Ashley

    This is a subject that has been occupying a lot of my thoughts lately after noticing a trend towards sites that are effectively putting 90% of their effort and presumably site budget into the video trailer followed by a big buy now or sign up button.

    My old video was too far down the page and my call to action wasn’t visible enough but those were the easy points to fix. When I moved the video higher up I realised I wasn’t 100% convinced and decided I had to do something different.

    The video I produced fused clips of video and stop motion with 3D animation. It was a lot of work putting it altogether and I may still make some changes but the real point is that it wasn’t expensive and if you are resourceful you can turn out something pretty good with a bit of patience that will hopefully boost your sales.

  17. Neal

    Thank you Ritika.
    Any feedback on the video that i have created is greatly appreciated http://www.myhotelworks.com/CheckInHowItWork.aspx#watchdemo


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