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Is the New Google AdWords Offline Conversion Tracking Worth the Investment for SMBs?

How much is a phone call or in-person visit worth to your business? Find out if offline conversion tracking with the new ‘AdWords Conversion Import’ is right for you.

6 Landing Page Explainer Videos That Are Better Than Yours

A collection of some of the best landing page explainer videos out there. Find out what makes each one successful and how you can do the same.

666 Fresh Conversion Rate Optimization Tips – Curated by Oli Gardner

A massive, fresh, and noteworthy collection of conversion rate optimization tips from 2013. This list has everything you need to optimize your pages.

How To Use Conversion Optimization To Battle Shopping Cart Abandonment [Infographic]

What are the major concerns and solutions to battling shopping cart abandonment? Check out this immensely long, data-filled infographic with extra commentary & conversion insights.

The Smart Marketer’s Landing Page Conversion Course

In this 11-part instructional course – with awesome videos – landing page expert Oli Gardner is joined by 9 world-renowned conversion rate experts to teach you all you need to know to create high-converting landing pages.

The Sweet Science of Landing Page Practices And Why They Work

It’s not rocket science, it’s landing page science. Understand the sweet science behind creating a highly effective landing page and you’ll be on your way to landing page greatness.

7 Growth Hacks to Test on Your Next Landing Page

Join the Co-Founder & Host of Growth Hacker TV, Bronson Taylor, as he talks about 7 innovative growth hacking tactics and how to apply them to your landing pages.

99.99% of Guest Bloggers Don’t Do This & It Kills Their Conversions

Are you using guest posting as a blog marketing strategy? Increase the effectiveness of your next guest post with a targeted, landing Page.


25 Tweetable Conversion, Landing Page & A/B Testing Stats You Need To Know

Hey you! Ya, you. Take a break from your A/B test for a minute and check out some of these awesome landing page, conversion rate optimization & A/B testing stats. And then share your favorites with your followers.

Why You Shouldn’t Optimize for Quality Score

Quality Score and Click Through Rate (CTR) are given too much emphasis by PPC agencies and advertisers. Optimize your AdWords for profits, not Quality Score.

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