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How To Use Your ‘About Us’ Page To Acquire Customers

An ‘About Us’ page isn’t just about branding. It’s an opportunity to launch customers deeper into your marketing funnel. Here are some tips for making your About page copy more conversion friendly.

How To Set Measurable Goals for Your Social Media Marketing

We know that social is critical to inbound marketing, but “engagement” is hard to quantify. Here are some tips and tools for setting and tracking your social media KPIs.

So You Think You’re a Landing Page Designer? [5 Templates Critiqued]

Anyone could be a landing page designer, but the very best know how to design for conversion. Here are 5 awesome landing page templates and how we would make them better.

The Baker’s Guide to PPC Marketing

Who said PPC marketing was a piece of cake? It’s actually the whole thing! Here are the 6 ingredients of a tasty PPC campaign, from keywords to landing pages.

3 Popular Conversion Tactics That Can Backfire If You’re Not Careful

Sometimes best practices can be your worst enemy. These popular conversion tactics might just backfire if you don’t execute them properly.

10 Words That Only a Marketer Could Have Made Up

From catvertising to advertainment, marketers have made up a lot of silly words to describe what we do. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite marketing portmanteaus in this listicle (see what we did there?).

Why These Ugly Designs Convert Beautifully

Landing page design should be conversion-centered AND easy on the eyes, but sometimes function trumps form. Here are 3 butt ugly designs that convert like crazy.

The 3 Landing Page Mistakes That 98% of Marketers Are Making [Webinar Video]

Want to join the online marketing 2%? In this video you’ll learn how to fix the 3 landing page mistakes that sabotage almost every marketing campaign.

Get Prospects to Say “Yes” With This Simple Landing Page Copy Hack

Copywriting is all about sweating the small stuff. Here’s a dead simple landing page copy hack that can increase your conversions by at least 15%

How to Get Your Leads to Like You More with Facebook Custom Audiences

Sometimes the low-hanging fruit is the juiciest. Here are 4 simple ways to boost your social PPC campaigns with Facebook custom audiences.

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