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[How to] Create and Optimize YouTube Ads for Higher Conversions

YouTube is a guilty pleasure for many of us but it’s also an incredibly powerful marketing channel. We break down the different types of video ads and provide some tips and tricks for YouTube advertising noobs.

7 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Page Examples [with critiques]

The holiday marketing season has officially arrived. We look at 7 Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing campaigns and see who is playing naughty or nice with landing pages.

5 Ways to Create A Better Content Strategy in 2014

With the new year around the corner, make it a resolution to get off auto-pilot and actually plan your content strategically. Here’s a 5-step guide for content marketers to step up their game in 2014.

20 Marketing Insights That Inspired Us In 2013

Get a dose of inspiration from 20 of the best marketing quotes we’ve collected over the course of 2013. This collection includes insightful thoughts from a wide range of thought leaders, such as Seth Godin, Michael Aagaard and even Walt Disney.

Content Marketing for Conversions: Q&A with Ashley Tate

Content marketing is so hot right now – but not many marketers know how to create content strategically. In a follow-up to last week’s webinar, Ashley Tate explains how to create content that converts.

How Wishing Your Customer’s Dog Happy Birthday Can Increase Email CTRs by 750%

Email isn’t dead, it’s just that most of the messages customers receive are irrelevant. Here are 3 data-driven ways to increase email CTRs by making email personal again.

Small Changes That Have a BIG Impact on Increasing Conversion Rates

Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. Here’s how to increase conversion rates by as much as 65% by making a few simple tweaks.

[Behind the Scenes] Unbounce’s Content Marketing Secrets Revealed

Ever wonder how we do our content marketing at Unbounce? Here are 3 proven marketing strategies we use for every campaign to consistently gain over 29% in conversion lifts.

3 Essential Ingredients of Landing Page Headlines That Convert

Think you’re good at writing landing page headlines? How about writing great landing page headlines? Start using 3 simple elements (focus, relevance and benefits) and you’ll be writing your way to higher conversion rates.

Why Did Google Disapprove My AdWords Ad?

Frustrated by Google rejecting your AdWords ads? Don’t fret – we break down the most common reasons for disapproval and explain how to get your ads and landing pages out of the doghouse.

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