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7 Tactics Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Missing

Content marketing isn’t just a quick way to get attention, traffic and customers. If you want real longterm gains, you need a proper, thought-out strategy. Here are 7 content marketing tactics you won’t want to miss.

The Definitive AdWords Audit Guide [with Interactive Checklist]

Ever get the feeling that your AdWords account should be performing better, but you don’t know how? It’s time you conduct an AdWords audit and take a look at your PPC account as a whole.

[How To] Demonstrate the Value of Landing Pages Like a Boss

5 steps that will help you convince your boss that implementing & improving your landing page strategy is not just a great idea, but if done to scale, can result in massive revenue boosts for the company.

How To Design Above-The-Fold Landing Page Experiences

If you’re just getting started with landing page design, a great place to focus your attention is above-the-fold. This post will give you 10 landing page guidelines that focus on what you should put above-the-fold.

10 Landing Page Examples For the Social Good

Could you generate more donations with less ad spend? Let’s take a look at 10 non-profit landing page examples & see how they can generate more donations by increasing their conversions.


3 Excellent Ways to Make Your Landing Page Social Proof Actually Prove Something

The entire point of social proof on your landing page is to influence your visitor in ways copy alone cannot. But what if you have 0 tweets on a post or page? Or 0 testimonials? Here are 3 ways your landing page social proof can turn your visitors’ perceptions around.

13 Pay-Per-Click Blogs We Googled So You Don’t Have To

Looking to boost your PPC knowledge? Check the best of the best pay-per-click blogs on the internet. Whether you manage a multi-million dollar marketing budget or are looking to invest $0.30 on your first click, you’ll want some guidance from the folks who’ve been there before.

You’re Doing It Wrong: 5 Email Marketing Conversion Killers

Watch and learn as we take a look at 5 email marketing conversion killers and teach you how to avoid costly conversion mistakes! And be sure to catch the upcoming webinar where guest author, Chris Hexton, will teach you how to use email marketing as a powerful lead gen & conversion tool.

Is the New Google AdWords Offline Conversion Tracking Worth the Investment for SMBs?

How much is a phone call or in-person visit worth to your business? Find out if offline conversion tracking with the new ‘AdWords Conversion Import’ is right for you.

6 Landing Page Explainer Videos That Are Better Than Yours

A collection of some of the best landing page explainer videos out there. Find out what makes each one successful and how you can do the same.

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