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29 Ways to A/B Test Pages Based on *Real* User Insight

It may be Leap Day, but that’s no excuse to take a leap of faith when it comes to landing page effectiveness. There are numerous variables that can be tested and refined to maximize conversions. We’re breaking down 29 tips and tools.

5 Businesses That Used A/B Tests to Lift Conversion Rates by up to 216%

A/B testing lets Web designers and marketers fine tune an effective landing page. Like a vision test, the changes between two landing page elements can be subtle and barely noticeable to the unassuming eye, but make a big difference to the user and the conversions of a businesses landing page. Check out these 5 case studies…

45 Awesome Posts on A/B, Multivariate, and Usability Testing

The following awesome posts from 2011 will help you learn more about A/B testing, multivariate testing, and usability testing for copy, design, landing pages, PPC, and much more.

Usability and A/B Testing – A Special Relationship

Website optimization teams are so much more effective when UX Consultants and AB/Multivariate Testing experts work closely together. This post helps bring the two camps together by analyzing their differences and similarities.

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On the Origin of Customers – Evolution and Marketing Compared

Over 150 years ago, Charles Darwin released his book “On the Origin of Species”. He forever changed an entire scientific field with his theory of evolution and had a massive impact on the 19 century world. If the theory of evolution is all about natural selection, we can see that split testing and conversion rate optimization are not very different from it.

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5 Ways to Screw Up Your A/B Test

However much they espouse the power and value of A/B testing, so many business owners still get all twisted up in opinions. And it’s understandable. When a website is your baby, it’s difficult not to. I’ve seen fundamentally excellent A/B tests go awry in a handful of ways, and I’m going to outline some of them for you.

The HiPPOs Have Left the Building… A/B Testing is Back

A huge Hippo-sized thank you to the hundreds of people who submitted their questions to our fake panel of HiPPOs. Happy April Fools Day…

A/B Testing is DEAD! Ask a HiPPO Instead…

According to a group of notable industry experts, A/B testing is no better than the subjective opinion of a corporate “design by committee” session.

Conversion Heroes Part 3: Split Testing – An Interview with Paras Chopra

Paras Chopra from Visual Website Optimizer discusses comparative split testing and shares insight into what you should and shouldn’t be testing.

Chasing the HiPPO From the Room – How to Silence Office Politics with A/B Testing

The HiPPO I’m referring to is the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. Typically an uncreative senior management type that likes to ask if you can “make the logo bigger”

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