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How Clean are Your A/B Tests? A Testing Hygiene Checkup

How is your A/B Test Hygiene? For an A/B test to be meaningful and insightful you should follow these rules to keep your insights and data clean.

12 Surprising A/B Test Results to Stop You Making Assumptions

In this article we’ll look at how the counter-intuitive approach is sometimes the one that worked best – it’s surprising how often you can guess the test winner. A good lesson for why to test.

The unGlossary of A/B Testing: Terminology & Tips to Run Better Tests

It’s time to master one of your most important marketing milestones — A/B testing. Luckily, it’s just as simple as learning your ABCs. Read through this post, and you’ll feel better than you did when you learned how to say the alphabet backwards.

The A/B Testing Question Everyone Wants Answered – What Should I Test?

Here are some examples to give you some inspiration and get you started testing some of the most important elements on your page.

6 Proven Methods for Selling A/B Testing to a Skeptical Client

A/B testing remains a discipline shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding. This post has 6 proven methods for mitigating anxiety and selling A/B testing to a skeptical client.

A/B Testing Lessons Learned: 4 Marketing Case Studies

A/B testing can turn around a marketing campaign from sucky to awesome, and I’ll show you with the following four examples how others have done it.

Pay With a Tweet vs. Pay With an Email [Case Study with Infographic]

Which method will win in this A/B test for downloading and eBook by supplying an email or tweeting about it? Find out. #Infographic

Always Be Testing – 24 Split Testing Ideas [Infographic]

A massive list of visual examples and interesting psychological factors about what you should be testing on your landing pages – presented as an infographic.

29 Ways to A/B Test Pages Based on *Real* User Insight

It may be Leap Day, but that’s no excuse to take a leap of faith when it comes to landing page effectiveness. There are numerous variables that can be tested and refined to maximize conversions. We’re breaking down 29 tips and tools.

5 Businesses That Used A/B Tests to Lift Conversion Rates by up to 216%

A/B testing lets Web designers and marketers fine tune an effective landing page. Like a vision test, the changes between two landing page elements can be subtle and barely noticeable to the unassuming eye, but make a big difference to the user and the conversions of a businesses landing page. Check out these 5 case studies…

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