Content Marketing

Save Your Business Blog From Google’s RSS Hammer

Come July 1st, Google’s RSS Reader is done. Gone. Finito. Use this comprehensive strategy that will not only save, but grow your businesses blog subscribers.

Don’t Let Your Content Marketing Hit A Wall

The best content leads to a conversion. Create content with a conscience in order to build brand sentiment and send leads further down your sales funnel.

How to Optimize Your Business Blog [Checklist]

How do you know that your business blog is running as efficiently as possible? Here’s a master checklist of everything your blog should be optimizing for & how to do it.

10 Resources to Make You The Best Guest Blogger Ever

Become the best guest blogger & you’ll get more traffic, links, partnerships, exposure, credibility & ultimately more business. Do it with these 10 posts.

The Science of Controversial Content

Let’s step away from the “hoo rah” surrounding content marketing, and discuss some legitimate strategies for creating popular, controversial content.

Want More Leads? How to Create Awesome Digital Content for Your Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages are kind of a big deal for lead gen, designed to do one thing only, capture a name and email address, so you can begin marketing to your new leads with things like autoresponders. Learn a simple 5-step process to create awesome digital content for lead gen on a squeeze page.

[How To] Build a Successful Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

An editorial calendar is essentially a virtual “To Do” list. It’s a tool of accountability. It’s a forum for brainstorming. It’s a micro-managers dream come true and let’s face it, your blog depends on it.

6 Reasons Why I Won’t Look at Your Infographic

How do you make sure your infographic passes the ‘so what?’ test and is something readers will view and share? Check out these tips to make sure your infographics resonate with your audience.

The Anatomy of Content Marketing [Infographic]

Just like the old game ‘Operation’ this infographic and post explores the anatomy of content marketing from the perspective of a real person – warning, it can get kinda gross.

An Infographic is Worth a Thousand Stats [Infographic]

In this post we’ll look at the power that imagery has to affect people – specifically with regard to the surge in the use of infographics. Personally I think it comes down to three things: Data visualization, free blog content and a free data source of data.

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