The Mixology of Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sometimes the best way to teach a person something is to present it within a familiar framework.

Suppose you don’t understand fractions. Sure, we could try to teach you from a fourth-grader’s textbook or we could teach you with a pizza (or pie if you’re lactose intolerant). All of a sudden fractions aren’t so intimidating, and the information becomes (queue dad joke) digestible.

Seems JBH (a UK-based content marketing agency) noticed this, too, based upon its cocktail-inspired guide to content marketing.

What they’ve so beautifully done, is compared different content marketing formats to cocktails, and then dissected them into their different components — or rather, ingredients.

So a blog post, for example, can be compared to a daiquiri — simply combine 1 part strong examples, 1 part consistency and 1 part specialist industry knowledge, and you’ve got yourself a totally delicious recipe for success.

Are we missing any cocktails? Let us know in the comments?

Mixology of Content Marketing infographic


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About Amy Wood
Amy Wood is a former writer and editor at Unbounce. She previously worked as an editor at a nationally published health and wellness magazine, where she learned about the benefits of vitamin D and em-dashes. She enjoys eating tacos, reading graphic novels and binge-watching tv series on Netflix. But mostly eating tacos. Find her on Twitter: @phoenixorflame
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  1. Darrell Ellens

    Hi Amy,

    It never surprises me when the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) comes to play. Sometimes very complex strategies can be summed up so easily. PS. We need an infographic on how to make a Taco.

    • Amy Wood

      Darrell, I like you. Suggesting this to our designer as soon as he gets in. Glad you enjoyed the infographic :)

  2. Luella

    Love this, this is cool! Please can you do one specifically for B2B….#impresstheboss

  3. Richard Dacker

    Awesome analogy for content marketers. Enticing to enjoy a pina colada while curating next b2b post. Taken code for the infographic and syndicated. Great bookmark as well.

  4. Michael Iwasaki

    Amy, a most enjoyable article and of course info-graphic.

    In our business (press release distribution), content marketing is something that is becoming more and more recognized as a tool in their content marketing toolkit. This makes reference to the first image in your info-graphic, ‘Industry news’ and the “bloody mary”. Point being – it is nice to see that this is now being recognized (such as in your info-graphic) and that people are starting to come around.

    As a press release service company, we have also noticed a fairly significant swing in the last couple of years in the tone of a press release and how businesses are writing them. Some are still formally written, however some are also written in a style for ‘content marketing’ purposes.

    In short, it was interesting to see that this was the first point in the info-graphic. A big thank you for the article !!

    24-7 Press Release Newswire

    • Amy Wood

      That’s so interested to hear, Michael.

      I’ve written a few press releases myself, most likely with the old-school formal approach — informative, though can border on boring. I can see how a content marketing approach would be super effective though for stories actually getting picked up!

      Take care, and good luck!

  5. Miranda

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    Kind regards,
    Giveaway Service Rep

  6. AM Loredana

  7. Mark Burdon

    Hi, I was trying to share this infographic on my website with the embed code, and it didn’t seem to work. Any thoughts?

  8. Pulkit Samrat

    It teaches a lot about content marketing, specially the infographic!

    Thank you!