Create a Data-Driven Content Strategy in 1 Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re a content writer, you might think that data analytics isn’t relevant to you (I know I did). But you’d be wrong. Data and content are actually a match made in heaven. If you collect the right data, you can find out what type of content resonates with your audience  — isn’t that a writer’s ultimate goal?

By developing a data-driven content strategy, you are ensuring the content you’re producing is relevant to your current readers as well as your prospects (who may not know who the heck you are). Plus, the chances are high your competitors already have a data-driven content strategy, so creating one for your business is just, well, good business.

Are you freaking out?

Well stop. Building a data-driven content strategy doesn’t have to take longer than a day. Yep, you read that right: one day. Oh, and if you use free tools like we suggest, it’s also easy on the budget (something your boss will no doubt appreciate).

Our friends at JBH Agency have designed a beautiful step-by-step infographic showing you exactly how to build your data-driven content strategy: all you need is 24 hours, a few free tools and one clever human.

Psst: If you’re more of a reader than a visual learner, check out the original article that inspired this infographic, written by Unbounce’s Brad Tiller.
Data-driven content strategy infographic

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  1. Giay bong da

    When knowledge is summarize, it is easy to learn and do it faster, thank for this infographic, it helps me organize what i need to do to have my own data driven content in the fastest way

  2. Josh Paiva

    Had to stop by. Always looking for data driven content and increasing conversions of course. Also noticed this blog post is relatively fresh. I definitely enjoyed going through it and your infographics rock!

  3. Bridget

    I’d prefer to start off with keywords relating to the premium content rather than the product/industry. If only all my clients had some premium content to start off with!

  4. Chris Bradley

    Nice simplified and easy to follow step by step, thanks for sharing! Would have been good to see some ideas on the other half of the puzzle – distribution…

    Any tips on using the data driven research phase to create solid data driven distribution?

  5. Cinemabox apk

    Yaa i also agree with that strategy. Thanks for sharing such an informational post.

  6. Digitera

    Thanks for your valuable notes on this.
    I am not a content writer but i manages my own content. So it will help me for sure.

  7. Krafting Networks

    Thanks for sharing for content writer above strategy are always helpful. If you want driven the data from the content writing, it is helpful.

  8. Latasha Doyle

    Man, this is so good! Thank you for this, Amy! I had no clue where to start, but now I do.

  9. Marilynn

    Thanks for sharing this article, these are some brilliant points on taking content that extra mile and really making it stand out!

  10. Bahtiyar

    Hello, Amy. Thank you for such an awesome post. The images you have included are so gorgeous. I think it is a very hard work to create such detailed graphics. Your content building strategy is really brilliant. As know, content is king, and therefore, we should do everything to enhance our professionality.
    Amy, thank you very much!