29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics [INFOGRAPHIC]

It took me a while to figure out the one significant difference between being a writer and being a content marketer. But that one, teeny-tiny difference is actually huge. In fact, it may very well be the key to a successful content marketing strategy.

Spoiler alert: it’s data.

A true content marketer knows not only how to hook you with carefully crafted prose, but also how to measure the success of said prose and then iterate on it.

But figuring out what to measure can be tricky. Which is why we’re sharing with you 29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics, a brilliantly designed infographic by content marketing and curation software Curata.

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metrics infographic

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  1. Aaron Orendorff

    Dang … this is CRAZY helpful.

    Great breakdown, Amy! I’m sharing this everywhere. :-)

  2. Shuki Mann

    When you analyze your content you can’t look at pageviews or avg. time on site as a good KPI, because if the user loads the page (=pageview) and 5 seconds later goes to another page – this isn’t a “success”.

    You should measure read rate (how many visitors actually READ XX% of the article), shares, like, comments – that KPIs can tell you if you win or not.

  3. vinayak

    awesome infographics describing the essential elements. helped me a lot.
    i reckon by doing the above said things will increase the blog productivity a lot.

  4. Anubhav


    its really great infographic. It covers almost all topics for content marketing metrics. but, still SMO plays important role for content marketing.


  5. sohan


    Infographic is sweet and simple which explaining content marketing strategy in easy way. Backlinks supports content marketing. Building backlinks is best way to improve domain authority.


  6. Bruce mesnekoff

    Thanks for Information about Content Marketing . Your Article is impressive and very informative. I am now regular visitor of your website and bookmarked it.

  7. Bharat

    Content marketing is a great way for online marketing. People love to read blogs, articles and the infographics used in this post are also good.

  8. Vinod

    Hey Amy,

    Great infographic and have essential elements to describe in that and its really helpful,

    in that blog all topics are cover about content marketting metrics and it is having in one blog…its very imparotant all topics covers in same blog..

    Thanks Amy for wonderful blog was publish

  9. robin

    Wow Amy, I don’t think there could be any article/data on content marketing better than this. It includes all the metrics. Thanks for posting this article. This is my first visit on your blog and now i have bookmarked it and i will be here quite regularly.

    • Amy Wood

      Hey, Robin! So happy to hear you found this helpful! Happy reading :)