An Infographic About Infographics (We Need to Go Deeper)

People love infographics. They’re easy to digest and even easier to share.

But if you’re going to take the time to design and push one out into the world, you want to do it right (right?).

Well, our friends over at OneSpot put together a pretty meta infographic about how to, well, do infographics well.


Peep the meta infographic below.


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  1. David Boutin

    Awesome infographic about infographics! Going to start creating some myself here shortly and this is bookmarked for reference :)

    Do you have a favorite of the tools you listed?

    • Amanda Durepos

      Hey David! I think those tools are meant to be used together to create an awesome suite of infographic-creating tools. That said, I’ve used Venngage and found that it was really intuitive. :)

  2. Charlie

    This is pretty neat, but I wish something would be said for accessibility. I don’t even know *how* I’d go about making an infographic accessible, other than just writing out the content in the alt text. But I mean we all add useful alt text to our images themselves, right? What’s the next step?

    • Amanda Durepos

      Hey Charlie, you raise a really good point. The Venngage service I mentioned above allows you to create infographics with actual text embedded (you can even include links)! That at least is one step closer to having infographics that are more accessible to people with screen readers.

      I swear Venngage isn’t paying me to say this! It’s a cool tool.

  3. Nadya Khoja

    Thanks so much for the kind words, Amanda! I’m happy to answer any questions people might have about Venngage and infographics in general :)

  4. mrep_lasvegas

    This is brilliant, sometimes the simplest of concepts are the most difficult to explain. I will use this it makes it all clear!

  5. Rodrigo Aparecido

    Briliant! I`ve been wanting to create a few for my website but I feel I am not that creative!
    I will work harder now, though.

  6. Andrea Rivera

    You forgot Illustrator is also an awesome tool, and a lot more accessible with adobe cloud. is a great source for palette ideas, also, a lot of stock image companies carry vector work you can use to start with, a palette needs to match the message too, you can have a serious message and still have an impactful palette, it is really all about contrast like you mentioned.

    Any infographic with text that is not selectable and therefore part of the image is not responsive, just because some sections have links and some browser render text does not make it responsive if most of the graphic copy is shrunk and barely readable when the image is resized, that is just a responsive image a massive responsive image that takes forever to download. The only way to have a responsive infographic is to break it into panels where the text is render by the browser and accompanied by an image, of course, the page holding it needs to be coded to be responsive too and the images compressed or also render by the browser. does this amazingly with the added bonus of movement.

    Responsible responsive infographics are possible, but take more planning and skills than a standard infographics, if most people in your industry use mobile (and most do) you cannot ignore that audience or spect them to download an image or pdf and zoom to see it, that is asking way too much of the user, not to mention they won’t be happy when a gigantic barely compressed infographic takes forever to download and eats thru their data plan, infographic are great, but online without accessibility they might as well stay in 2009

  7. Derric Haynie

    This is hilarious. Love it. Next up from Unbounce, a landing page on how to build landing pages. Wait, I think you’ve already done that :-D

  8. Alex

    Hi ! Amanda
    I have read your blog and got to know some good things about infographic
    I read your all blogs
    Thank you for sharing this information

  9. Klaus

    Hi Amanda,

    Great read! I was researching on how to make a good infographic, that I will use in my next post. Just reading your headline “infographic about infographics” made me instantly want to read the whole thing! :)

    Keep up the great work!

  10. john

    Hi ! Amanda…Great explanation, thanks for sharing with us.

  11. Fabrice

    Hi Amanda,
    Thank you for sharing this information,
    What do you think about Canvas as a creative tool?

    • Amanda Durepos

      Hey Fabrice,

      Haven’t used it very much unfortunately but I only hear positive things about how intuitive it is :)

  12. Fabrice


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