Conversion Rate Optimization

The Art of Conversion: A 200 Word Typographic Essay

A single simple paragraph to describe the concept and purpose of conversion. ALL CAPS. ALL THE TIME. CLICK HERE. OR THERE. EAT DIAMOND SHREDDIES. THEY CONVERT BETTER THAN SQUARES.

A Day in The Life of A Conversion Rate Optimization Gunslinger

So what does an optimizer do all day? Find out what it takes to improve conversions on your pages – brought to you by Harrison Ford and Blade Runner.

[How To] Write a Call-to-Action that Converts – With Case Studies

This guide, packed with case studies, examples, and simple optimization principles, will teach you exactly how to write calls-to-action that converts.

15 Fresh Resources for Increasing Ecommerce Conversions

No one knows how to spell Ecommerce (eCommerce, E-Commerce, e-Commerce, ECommerce) luckily, after reading these 15 recent & insightful posts you’ll be such an e-whatever expert that you won’t care how it’s written.

How a Made-up Product Increased Conversions by 233%

People tend to behave in irrationally in a predictable fashion. Find out how a made up product increased conversions by 233% using this theory, and how you can try this tactic in your next test.

[How To] Demonstrate the Value of Conversion Rate Optimization to Any Boss (or Client)

CRO is still a new marketing discipline to many companies – so follow these 6 steps to convince your boss to allocate some time and budget for it.

11 New User Feedback Posts You Shouldn’t Miss

User feedback is pure gold for A/B testing, and ultimately making the changes needed to throw fence-sitters off their heinie and down on through your conversion funnel. Get reading.

[How To] Use Video Spokespersons to Increase Landing Page Conversions

Read how to use different types of video technology to give your landing pages a conversion lift by being more personal, and a case study where a Video Spokesperson increased leads by 12.5%.

16 Fresh Conversion Optimization Resources You Shouldn’t Miss

CRO shan’t be ignored. It’s one of the most effective ways a web based business can grow profits. Read 16 new posts on conversion optimization to help you on your way.

Conversion Economics – Finding Your Customer Acquisition Sweet Spot

An economics lesson in how to balance your marketing and conversion optimization budget to find your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) sweet spot and bring in customers at the right price. BTW – use this to convince your boss about conversion.

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