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HOW TO: Use Twitter as a Knowledge Filter Using Social Breadcrumbs and Lists

There are tens of thousands of new blog posts created every day Holy sh** Batman that’s a lot of information, I hope you have a “content filter” clipped to your utility belt. Never fear. With a little networking legwork, a content sniffer dog and Twitter lists, you can create your very own personal recommendation engine.Continue Reading

What is a Twitter Landing Page?

Twitter landing pages have become a popular method of providing customized experiences for social media visitors. But exactly what is a Twitter landing page, and how do they compare to the other types of landing page you might be using for your internet marketing? I’ll answer that question and provide some examples of Twitter landingContinue Reading

Who’s Twitter List Are You On? – The New Popularity Gauge

If were lucky enough to get on the inside track with Twitter, you’ll have be granted access the beta of their latest feature – Twitter Lists. Today, most Twitter accounts have had this new feature enabled and it’s starting to gain massive traction. What is a Twitter List? It’s a simple yet powerful feature thatContinue Reading

What’s the Best Time To Tweet?

Part of a cohesive conversion marketing strategy involves the use of social media. Twitter is arguably the service with the most cachet at present and can be used as an effective way to build a network of interested customers. But does the time when you Tweet have an effect on the penetration of your marketingContinue Reading

Landing Page Conversion Using Twitter – A Guide to Creative Micro-Blogging

Twitter can be used for way more than just educating the unwashed masses about your latest armpit scrubbing schedule. It can be integrated and monitored to enhance, promote and measure the efficacy of your landing page campaigns. Our latest guide will show you how to create socially aware landing pages that have the ability toContinue Reading

The Less-than-140 Rule: Help People Re-Tweet Your Landing Page with Twitter

Lots of internet marketers use Twitter. It’s a great way to spread your message and hook up with other like minded souls. But how do you get maximum effect from your Twitter marketing? It’s simple; by encouraging people to re-tweet your comments and links. The Re-Tweet Re-tweeting is the Twitter version of paying it forward.Continue Reading

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