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[HOW TO] Make Viral Contest Landing Pages with Social Media Widgets

By adding interactive Twitter and Facebook widgets to your landing pages, you can help make your contests spread via viral network effects. I thought I’d share a simple 7-step technique we use at Unbounce for making viral landing pages for contests.

Conversion Heroes Part 2: Social Media Conversion – an Interview with Dan Martell

Dan Martell discusses social media marketing, conversions and engagement strategies you can use to reach and convert more customers via social media.

The 7 Secrets of Social Media Conversion [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. to drive traffic to your business – but the results are less than inspiring – you’re probably making fundamental mistakes during the conversion phase of the social media conversion funnel (see the infographic in this post).

Why Can’t I Retweet a Message Inside a Twitter List?

This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. Dont get me wrong, I love Twitter lists. When you have a big following, they let you segment and prioritize without kicking everyone out of the ark. What I don’t get is why they turn off the RT feature when you are viewing content fromContinue Reading

Social Karma: The 2 Most Important Twitter Lists You’ll Ever Create

This is a simple idea that came to me late tonight while doing my regular Twitter karma health check. A karma health check is just an exercise to see who is talking about you in either a positive or negative way via one of many social media channels. The basic concept is to maintain 2Continue Reading

16 Meaningful Blog Posts from the Social Web – PLUS 1 Takeaway From Each

If you’re like me, you’ll have those moments where all you want is to be presented with a kick-ass list of relevant and personalized content to consume on demand. Despite my attempts to pull together the uber RSS feed list, I’ve always been left wanting – until yesterday when I invented (for myself) the ideaContinue Reading

HOW TO: Use Twitter as a Knowledge Filter Using Social Breadcrumbs and Lists

There are tens of thousands of new blog posts created every day Holy sh** Batman that’s a lot of information, I hope you have a “content filter” clipped to your utility belt. Never fear. With a little networking legwork, a content sniffer dog and Twitter lists, you can create your very own personal recommendation engine.Continue Reading

What is a Twitter Landing Page?

Twitter landing pages have become a popular method of providing customized experiences for social media visitors. But exactly what is a Twitter landing page, and how do they compare to the other types of landing page you might be using for your internet marketing? I’ll answer that question and provide some examples of Twitter landingContinue Reading

Who’s Twitter List Are You On? – The New Popularity Gauge

If were lucky enough to get on the inside track with Twitter, you’ll have be granted access the beta of their latest feature – Twitter Lists. Today, most Twitter accounts have had this new feature enabled and it’s starting to gain massive traction. What is a Twitter List? It’s a simple yet powerful feature thatContinue Reading

What’s the Best Time To Tweet?

Part of a cohesive conversion marketing strategy involves the use of social media. Twitter is arguably the service with the most cachet at present and can be used as an effective way to build a network of interested customers. But does the time when you Tweet have an effect on the penetration of your marketingContinue Reading

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