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9 Reasons Why Chuck Norris Shouldn’t Work In Marketing

For some light relief on a Friday, we’re rehashing the classic Chuck Norris Facts to see what would happen if Chuck Norris decided to become a marketing expert and critique your favorite landing page. It won’t be pretty…

The MR. MEN Guide to Landing Pages, Conversion & Absurd Metaphor [Cartoongraphic]

Landing pages, conversion, bounce rate, blah, blah, blah, blah, yada yada yada. As important as all of those terms and concepts are, sometimes you need to step back a bit and look at things in a more playful manner.

A/B Test Yourself – Life Experiences You Wish You Could’ve Tested

Have you ever daydreamed about hopping into a souped up DeLorean to travel back in time? Of course you have, and not because you miss your old ripped jeans and Robbie Williams CD collection. No, you really want to go back so you can test out some of those weird decisions you made at crucialContinue Reading

Would You Change Your Name for a Better SEO Rank?

Inbound links based on your personal brand/celebrity/expertise, either from bios in guest posts or references to you based on your subject knowledge, can be a big factor in determining organic search rank. Tonight this got me thinking… If changing your name could significantly increase the organic search exposure of your site/brand, would you do it?

The 12 Days of Christmas – A Cheesy Landing Page Optimization Lament

For the holiday season, I’ve taken a quick stab at re-writing that 12 Days of Christmas ditty. If Christmas ain’t really your thing, then hopefully the lolcat is enough to bring a smile to your face. Remember to sing along. Preferably after a few egg nog’s or Christmas Ale’s. (It’ll be funnier).

16 Pick-Up Lines for Nerdy Online Marketers

Nerds in general are genetically programmed to be genius at some things while not so good at others. Let’s take flirting as an example: such an arbitrarily random and irrational social behavior – based solely on an instinctive interpretation of body language – is likely to send the geekier amongst us into a mental stateContinue Reading

13 Epic Marketing Fails

I’m going to kick off this week with a look at the world of bad marketing. A few weeks ago I posted an article called Marketing FAIL – 7 Newbie Landing Page Mistakes. Today’s post points the finger at some of the people who clearly didn’t heed those little pearls of marketing wisdom, courtesy ofContinue Reading

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