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The 3 Most Common A/B Testing Problems (And How to Solve Them)

Ever wondered when it’s safe to declare an A/B test champion? Or what you should do if you can’t get enough traffic for your test? CRO expert Michael Aagaard tackles these and other common A/B testing questions.

How to Growth Hack Your Content Marketing [PODCAST]

Growth hacking has helped many marketers accelerate the growth of their business at what seems like an impossible rate. By identifying and focusing on what works, marketers everywhere are generating bigger wins with less effort. In this episode of Call to Action, we dig into how growth hacking can help your content marketing, too.

A 7-Day Course on Generating Leads with Landing Pages

Great landing pages are the cornerstone of a killer lead generation strategy. Whether you’re launching a lead gen campaign or optimizing your current campaigns, our seven-day email course will arm you with everything you need to convert.

6 Things We All Need to Stop Doing on Social Media Now

Social media slip ups are embarrassing at best and brand damaging at worst. There’s no reason to learn lessons the hard way — especially if someone else already has. Here are six social media marketing habits that need to kicked to the virtual curb.

Direct Your Landing Pages Like a Hollywood Legend

Billy Wilder was one of Hollywood’s most prolific writers and directors. With more than 70 writing credits to his name, his 10 rules for writing screenplays come from vast experience. What’s amazing is how well his advice translates to landing pages.

How Ron Swanson Can Help You Find A/B Testing Ideas [PODCAST]

Who knew binge-watching Parks and Recreation could make you a smarter marketer? Listen to this episode of the Call to Action podcast to find out how learning your prospect’s favorite TV show can help you formulate smarter A/B testing hypotheses.

Would You Rather? The Marketing Edition [Interactive Infographic]

What’d you rather quit for a week: coffee or Twitter? (Ugh.) As a marketer, you’re probably used to picking the lesser of two evils, but you’ve never faced situations quite like these. Let us know what you’d do in the most brain-busting marketing scenarios — and see what others would do, too!

6 Articles on Design Theory to Help You Create Beautiful Landing Pages

If design isn’t your forte, creating beautiful landing pages that convert can be a real pain in the butt. From color psychology to typography to more subtle visual tricks, here’s a roundup of posts that will help you design landing pages that don’t get in the way of conversion.

Brutally Honest Advice for Better Landing Page Design

In the world of conversion rate optimization, beauty alone won’t win the battle — your landing page design also needs to convey your unique value proposition. Peep Laja, David Kadavy and our own Oli Gardner break down what it takes to create a bombshell page that converts.

Social Listening Tactics Every Marketer Should Know [PODCAST]

Twitter and Facebook can feel like impossibly noisy spaces for companies to get their messages across. In this episode of the Call to Action podcast, you’ll learn simple strategies you can implement to be heard – without flat-out shoving your brand down people’s throats.

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