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Increase PPC Conversions by Playing Matchmaker with Your Ads & Landing Pages

Pay-Per-Click marketing is like online dating: it’s all about making a match, baby! Learn how to make your PPC ads match your landing pages and take your performance marketing to a whole new level.

How You Can Write High Converting Copy… Without Actually Writing

Check out this free case study in which Joanna from Copy Hackers wrote high converting copy for a client (without actually writing) – and saw a lift of 103%.

3 Long-Form Copywriting Tricks You Should Steal

Some of the highest-converting short copy landing pages on the web today are based on simple long-copy principles. Here are 3 copywriting tricks to test on short copy landing pages.

[Brainstorm] What are the Top 100 Conversion Posts of All Time?

Unbounce is on a search to uncover the top 100 posts about the subjects of conversion: Conversion centered design Conversion rate optimization Landing page optimization Testing (A/B or MVT) Lead generation Landing pages Converting social media traffic Converting PPC traffic Converting email traffic Converting display banner traffic We’ll be compiling them into a greatest hitsContinue Reading

Increasing Lead Capture by 27% – A Conversion Optimization Case Study

Today’s guest post is a conversion optimization case study by Kevin Kaiser from Surety Bonds. In my last post I referenced their lead capture form as a good example of how to keep your CTA above the fold on a lead gen landing page. Kevin discusses how he optimized a primary conversion goal – toContinue Reading

Join Us For The Unbounce Private Beta

The Final Countdown by Europe is ringing in my ears as I write this post. It’s officially “down to the wire” time for the Unbounce team and as anyone from a start-up can attest, there just ain’t enough hours in the day. Get in on the landing page action before we open it up toContinue Reading

2010 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions – You Know Your Landing Page is Fat When…

In the spirit of failed New Year’s resolutions, I’m writing this post 11 days after the fact. We all do a miserable job of living up to our personal commitments, so I figured a few new business goals might be in order to get your marketing campaigns off the proverbial couch and into the gym.Continue Reading

The 12 Days of Christmas – A Cheesy Landing Page Optimization Lament

For the holiday season, I’ve taken a quick stab at re-writing that 12 Days of Christmas ditty. If Christmas ain’t really your thing, then hopefully the lolcat is enough to bring a smile to your face. Remember to sing along. Preferably after a few egg nog’s or Christmas Ale’s. (It’ll be funnier).

544 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips (now 846 and counting)

Optimizing your landing pages or website to perform better is a no-brainer, but if you’re short on time or resources then it helps to have a bag full of tricks to kick things off. The collection of links below brings together over 500 tips on conversion rate optimization and landing page improvement. Naturally, there willContinue Reading

8 Wicked Landing Page Articles – An October Retrospective

October brought us Halloween. Again… But it also brought a plethora of new insight in the realm of conversion marketing and landing pages. Wieeeoouu!!! I thought you’d be excited!!! For Unbounce the company, October saw us move into a new office space, and take our landing page product to new heights (read: more features andContinue Reading

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