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  • Your Landing Page Sucks! Here are 10 Examples That Don’t…

    Don’t take that too personally, I’ve not actually seen your landing page yet. Rather, I’m going to cling to the assumption that it sucks simply because most of them do. Sad, but horribly true.

    Note: I’m bringing this post back from the archives. A) because it’s timeless, B) because it’s awesome and C) as a teaser to an upcoming landing page examples post.

    This is 10 teeny tiny thumbnails of the soon to be heretofore thought of as the greatest landing pages ever seen on November 23rd, 2010.

    A real-world style landing experience
    Imagine walking into a restaurant, and finding that the decor is gross, the music is too loud, the staff look sketchy, the menu has 400 options on it, they have an award on the wall for “Best meatloaf in Idaho, 1995” and to top it all off, the place is empty. What would you do? I know I’d be getting the hell out of Dodge.

    And online…
    And that’s exactly what your visitors do when your design sucks, you have a video auto-playing with no mute button, there are no indicators of trust or security, the form has a million fields and the testimonials look like you wrote them yourself.

    Excuse me waiter, could I just get the back button please?

    Soooooooo, today we’re going to take a trip down to the Top-Notch Landing Page Store and see if we can rustle up something to inspire your next design.

    Each of the following pages exhibits excellent qualities of conversion centered design, but most of them also do a couple of things wrong.

    1. WebTrends Analytics – “lead”ing the way

    I’ll admit it right off the bat – I have a crush on Webtrends landing pages. If you’re looking anywhere for design inspiration for lead capture forms, this is a good place to start.

    What I like

    • The hierarchy of page elements and information is well structured and focuses on the basics: a logo, a hero shot that combines a clear headline, a short description of the reason for and benefits of the product/service (in this case a webinar) and a lead capture form to gather visitor data. And… importantly… nothing else.
    • The call to action (CTA) of lead gen forms almost always falls below the fold. To get around this they’ve placed a directional cue (arrow) at the top of the form to point the way to the action area below.

    Things I’d change or test

    • A tighter relationship between the directional cue and the CTA. Specifically, I’d make the button blue to match the form header – it blends into the gray background a bit too much right now.
    • Change the CTA to describe what you’ll get when you click it. It should say “Register for webinar” rather than the undescriptive “Submit”. Sorry Webtrends, as much as I love you, this is a rookie mistake that should never be repeated.

    Site*: Webtrends

    2. UPS – using modal windows to keep visitors on the page

    Even with a clean and conversion oriented design, many pages still commit the cardinal sin of providing outbound links that aren’t part of the conversion funnel. UPS have done a good job at avoiding this.

    What I like

    • The “More” links for the speakers all launch modal dialogs (using a Lightbox style). This keeps visitors on the landing page instead of wandering off onto another page – and away from your conversion goal.
    • They have a video. Good! Video is a proven conversion enhancement mechanism. Studies from eyeviewdigital.com report up to 80% improvements in conversion. Video marketing specialists Turn Here highlight good conversion improvement numbers and the side benefit that properly optimized video can be 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google search results. Tip: you can often re-use your video by placing it on YouTube.

    Things I’d change or test

    • The links at the bottom of the page still go to external microsites (click the image to see the full screenshot). Microsite’s still offer a more focused experience than your homepage so it’s not a big negative, however, a better “All In” move would be to embed them in Lightbox windows like they did with the speaker bios.
    • The call to action would be better if it read “Get updates on future webcasts” rather than the generic and intimidating “Sign Up”. (The words might not seem intimidating to wily online veterans like yourself, but it expresses no benefit or gain – making it a negative interaction reinforcement statement).

    Site*: UPS

    3. The Future of Marketing – socially proven

    Social proof in the context of landing pages refers to the idea that your visitors will be influenced positively (although there can be negative effects) by showing evidence of others participating in the use of your product or service. This can be presented via counters showing your social followers (Twitter, Facebook etc.), and testimonials that describe the emotional reaction to your offering from real world customers.

    What I like

    • Social proof is off the charts here. Instead of showing people following or registered for the conference, they are showing the photos and names of a huge collection of famous players in the marketing industry. Endorsements create credibility, which leads to conversions. Even if you don’t know who the organizer is (ThoughtLead in this case), the fact that it’s sponsored by IBM and has speakers such as Guy Kawasaki will do the selling for you.
    • The call to action describes perfectly what you get. Free registration. (Note that this screenshot was taken after the conference so the messaging is related to a replay of the audio rather than registering for the conference itself).
    • Contrast: The bright pink CTA stands out from the monotone background.
    • Repeated CTA: On long landing pages (click the image for a full view), it’s important to repeat the CTA to remind people of the goal of your page if they’ve been scrolling for 10 screens. Here it’s placed at the top – above the fold, and at the end – for those who’ve finished exploring the whole page.
    • Secondary CTA: In today’s social world, WOMM (Word of Mouth Marketing) is key. Here, they’ve added a Twitter sharing button to help visitors spread the word on their behalf.
    • Confirmation CTA: Once you complete the form, you’re again presented with an opportunity to spread the word via Twitter. This is great use of thank-you page real estate.

    Site*: Future of Marketing

    4. Clearvale: No Jive Talkin’ – a seductive single CTA

    If you were in a car driving down this highway, you’d have 2 choices: left or right. On this landing page, there’s only one thing to do, click on the sign. This is what’s known as a “click through” landing page. Other names include jump page or the beautifully named “romance page” – as the purpose of the page is to enhance the interest level of the visitor to a point where they are ready to move to second base. (I’ll give credit for the term “romance page” to Scott Brinker).

    What I like

    • The simplicity and seduction. It makes you want to click on the sign for two reasons: first because it’s your only option, and secondly because the copy on the sign implies some kind of controversial point of view.

    Things I’d change or test

    • I was a little underwhelmed when the next page was a blog, rather than a continuation of a marketing experience, so I’d do something more engaging at that point. But there’s no denying that the click through rate of this landing page would be very high.
    • I don’t really get the connection of the visuals to the copy on the sign, but I suspect this is part of the allure, that you don’t really know what’s coming.

    Site*: Clearvale

    5. Groupon – beautifully simplistic flow

    Here’s a great example of a simple guided landing experience from Groupon.

    What I like

    • They have used geo-targeted segmentation to set up my location, and are presenting a big bold value proposition statement (50%-90% off) to get me interested.
    • Colorful with good action area contrast . The bright bold color is seductive and makes the action area (form) very clear.
    • Usability. The progress indicator below the form lets you know that there are 3 steps and where you are in the process.
    • Simple forms: In step 2 (the lead gen portion), they ask for your email address only, reducing the barrier to entry to a bare minimum.

    Things I’d change or test

    • If you don’t know who Groupon are (and despite their size, they haven’t reached everyone yet), there’s nothing to really tell you what you might be saving 50%-90% on. The imagery indicates alcohol which might be why I agreed to enter my email, but some qualification of the offer details would be good.

    Site*: Groupon

    6. Oprah – sweepstakes for lead gen

    It’s Oprah. This stuff will generally sell itself, but it’s not all good. Read on.

    What I like

    • Focused on the benefits: By leading with the vacation prize they are tapping into people’s desires right away. The branding is so powerful in this case that it can be safely relegated to the bottom of the page.
    • Branding: Oprah’s brand is her selling point, her face is on everything associated with her and here she evokes the feeling of being on vacation to entice her loyal following to win a little piece of the Oprah lifestyle.
    • Sweepstakes are a very popular lead gen mechanism, and here they are using the free prize giveaway as an add-on to a “no risk” magazine subscription.

    Things I’d change or test

    • The privacy policy and rules links open up new windows which is a bit messy. A better solution is to use a modal lightbox like the UPS example above. You can see what I’m talking about on one of the Unbounce contest landing pages (click the contest rules link near the bottom to see the modal window).
    • It pains me to repeat the same thing over and over, but the call to action on your buttons is REALLY IMPORTANT. Any doubt in the visitors mind as to what will happen can lead to little leaks in confidence. Spell it out clearly so people know what to expect. Here it could use a double lined CTA that starts with a primary first line: “Enter the contest”, then a second line “and start your trial subscription”.

    Site*: Oprah Magazine

    7. Verisign – shaping trust

    This landing page is all about building Verisign’s central brand promise – trust.

    What I like

    • It tells a simple story: As a click through page, it provides enough information and interest to warm up visitors and encourage them to continue down the intended conversion path.
    • Benefit based CTA’s: Each call to action is based on a real business benefit, encouraging a click to find out how Verisign can improve trust and what effect that can have.

    Things I’d change or test

    • CTA contrast: I’d prefer to see the CTA’s presented with more contrast to the rest of the page.

    Site*: Verisign

    8. CameraPlus – the ultimate long product sales page

    This is the modern apple-esque equivalent of the old-school long sales letter landing page. You’ve probably seen the less trustworthy ones before, where the writer uses reams of ultra persuasive copy to convince you that, despite being an average Joe, they have managed to build an online internet business that prints money.

    While it borrows the concept of a long page that piles on the features until you’re ready to buy, that’s where the comparison ends.

    This is a very good landing page.

    What I like

    • The design matches the desires and expectations of the buyer. The target customer already has an iPhone, so they are used to seeing beautiful design with apps placed in context with their intended use.
    • Context of use: This is an IMPORTANT concept. The primary iPhone image plays a video showing the app being used. This is pretty much all you need to be sold on the app’s cool factor. You can then explore the big feature list below to reinforce your purchasing decision.
    • The price and call to action to buy the app are nicely positioned above the fold, leaving you to explore the page knowing how to interact when you are ready.
    • Celebrity endorsement: Including celebrity photographer Lisa Bettany – who for the record (and gossip factor) is dating Mashable founder Pete Cashmore – is a clever device to help convince visitors that it’s worth buying. Professional photographers that just want a cool app for their phone will find this convincing.
    • Proof of concept: The photo gallery at the end caps it off nicely by showing that you can take great photos with this app.
    • The reviews beneath the phone are highlighted in red, making them the most important visual aspect of the first screen. While I would normally recommend the CTA get this level of attention, it really pushes you towards what is often the swing vote in a purchase – what other people say.

    Things I’d change or test

    • I’d be really interested to A/B test a short version of the page, letting the video do the selling instead of 10 pages of scrolling content.

    Site*: https://campl.us/

    9. SEOmoz – choices with the info to make an informed one

    Despite how much this looks like a standalone landing page, it’s actually their main pricing page. They’ve taken conversion design principles and applied them directly to the most important page on the site. I like this approach a lot. It’s becoming increasingly common (for good reason) to include testimonials on pricing pages.

    What I like

    • Trust and credibility: The Verisign symbol is placed next to the purchase button and the grouping of worldwide brand names directly below helps to reinforce the value of the product.
    • Succinct headline.
    • Subtle mention of the customer count: Beneath the big brand customer logos is a nice little addition – “and thousands more” – adding to the trust element.
    • Attention to different reading styles: There is a nice mix of bullet points, coupled with detailed descriptions for those who need to dig deeper.
    • REAL testimonials: The photos look like they are taken from social profiles. Coupled with the name and company name, you’d be able to verify that these are real business people quite easily.

    Things I’d change or test

    • Call to action: The CTA here uses a nice soft word – “TRY”. Which gives off the sense of a low commitment offer. However, the only mention of the no-risk element, is the “30-day money back guarantee” at the top of the page. This should be restated at the point of conversion (i.e. beneath the CTA).
    • Would love to know how this converts in comparison to a similar page that had the regular global navigation and footer distractions.

    Site*: SEOmoz pricing page

    10. Times Reader – showing context of use

    As one of the world’s biggest newspapers, they clearly need to keep up with the times when it comes to marketing. (Trying desperately hard for a pun there).

    Let’s dissect the final landing page of this collection…

    What I like

    • Lifestyle. The level to which they demonstrate the modernization of news consumption is impressive. Using a beautiful Macbook Pro and an inline video displays excellent “context of use”, and lets you imagine the new reading experience they are selling.
    • It’s a great video that really demonstrates the power that video has to tell a story. Especially poignant given the product.

    Things I’d change or test

    • Like the SEOmoz page, I’d like to see the safety message (in this case – 2 weeks free), repeated beside the CTA.

    Watch the video

    Like I said at the start, I don’t want to link to the campaign page, to prevent skewing the stats just for editorial purposes. However, the video from this landing page is freely available on YouTube, which as I mentioned earlier, is a great re-use of campaign content to help your organic rankings.

    If you have other great examples of landing pages or have any questions, please jump into the comments.


    — Oli Gardner

    * Note: links are provided to the associated brands homepage as a way of saying thank you for using their screenshots. I don’t typically link to campaign based landing pages (unless I’ve asked for permission) as that can mess with people’s stats.

    Other note: “You suck” image source (from the blog index page)

    About Oli Gardner
    Unbounce co-founder Oli Gardner has seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet. He’s obsessed with identifying and reversing bad marketing practices, and his disdain for marketers who send campaign traffic to their homepage is legendary, resulting in landing page rants that can peel paint off an unpainted wall. A prolific international speaker, Oli can be found at marketing conferences worldwide – travelling with his fiancée and fellow marketer Nicole Mintiens – on his mission to rid the world of marketing mediocrity by using data-informed copywriting, Conversion-Centered Design, interaction, and psychology to create a more delightful experience for marketers and customers alike. You should follow Oli on Twitter
    » More blog posts by Oli Gardner
    • Great post Oli. Liked much the examples and landing pages analysys.

      I just thought Group On page was very generic and can´t convert well depending on the users intents when landing there.

      • sadie

        agreed. that page annoys the heck out of me

    • Oli Gardner

      Thanks Paulo.
      Yeah the Groupon one caught my eye due to the simplicity. If you see it in action its quite nice too as the forms for each stage just scroll in from the side.

      But it does suffer from too little information.

      However, perhaps that’s how they convert? They rely on you being interested in deals in “Vancouver” etc. and leave the rest up to you.

      It does give you a complete registration form at the 3rd step so they do lose a bit of their street cred for simplicity.

    • Good info. I’m actually about to release a product in the next few months and need to create a solid landing page. I’m going to bookmark this for reference. Thanks!

    • Love these examples. Eschews “cookie cutter” landing pages. Great inspiration for how people can really stand out from their competition.

      • Oli Gardner

        Thanks Scott. Yeah, it’s hard work finding the good ones, but when you do it can make everything very clear for people.

    • Nice post, Oli. Thanks!

      What’s interesting to me is that only 2 out of 10 use video. I like UPS lander, but instead of the text I would place opt-in box next to the video player, and not bottom left.

      • Oli Gardner

        Thanks Marko.
        Yeah, the UPS example is beautiful, so very clean and on brand.

        I would be interested to see a test of bringing the form up too – probably reducing it’s size so some of that content could remain to describe the purpose/benefits.

        As far as only 2/10 using video – good observation. Obviously it’s a random sample but it will be an interesting ration to keep tabs on to see if it climbs as awareness of video effectiveness grows.

        Production is a barrier though for many people. In those situations I really would recommend people (especially SMB’s) take a look at http://www.TurnHere.com

    • Great read, and yet another facet well covered. Just going to prove that what we learn each day is that we’ll never know it all, but instead can find satisfaction in our attempts. Your efforts here prove very helpful in this regard.

      Enough now of the praise. ;)
      Question: What are your thoughts regarding pre-built landing pages such as the ones found over at Theme Forrest (and elsewhere I’m sure): http://themeforest.net/category/landing-pages

      Thanks again Oli

      • Oli Gardner

        Thanks Michael.
        I think the Theme Forest ones (and the ones we provide) are a great way to get started when you don’t have a designer.

        The Theme Forest ones are nice, and if you biught one of them, you could re-create the page inside Unbounce (either by chopping up the PSD) or getting an HTML version that has pre-chopped images and just importing them and laying it out in Unbounce.

        Thanks for sharing the resource.

    • Hi Oli

      Nice to see that you’re reviewing the copy of the big names and companies. Most of these would have been designed and put online by marketing professionals, so do you have any hints and tips for those of us who doing this for ourselves rather than a big multinational?

      Do you think they started off from scratch, or have they bought any of the templates that you can buy?


      • Oli Gardner

        I think most of them will have internal design teams or design agencies that they pay to do this kind of thing.

        If you are working on a smaller scale (most of our customers are SMB) – then starting with one of our templates is an easy way to get going. Then if you want to step it up a bit, I’d recommend 99designs to get a really great design for your page.

        In terms of inspiration or advice, I think paying attention to the examples above (and in the rest of this section – click “landing page examples” in the secondary nav up top) will give you some places to start with your layouts and interaction models.

        For design ideas – check out this post to understand how design techniques can be leveraged to make your pages convert well: http://unbounce.com/landing-page-design/designing-for-conversion-8-visual-design-techniques-to-focus-attention-on-your-landing-pages/

        Hope that helps a bit.

    • Nail on the head here. Great post, you can for sure learn a lot from analyzing those landing pages.

    • BillieBob

      Hi Oli,

      I notice that all the links in your nice piece here open external sites in the same tab, thus removing viewers from your page. What would you change/test about this?


      • Oli Gardner

        Classic usability question. Some like external links to open in a new tab, some in the same (so that they can go back rather than close). This debate has been raging for about a decade :)

        If this were a promotion specific landing page I would open them in lightbox modal windows most likely.

        Here the links are more there as a thank you to the owners of the content rather than a place to drive readers as they go to their main homepages (for the most part) rather than the landing page in question (to protect their conversion stats).

        • I prefer opening a link in a new tab because that way when a person ventures off down the internet rabbit hole and gets distracted, they don’t lose the original place they started from which can happen when you have tons of tabs open and click through many links in one session.

    • Nice list of good landing page examples Oli. Bookmarked and would always be my guideline in building LPs.


    • Great analysis and examples. I really enjoy reading your advices :)

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    • I am generally hate when people leave a “Great post” comment but I am short on time and genuinely loved this post.

      “Great Post!”

      • Oli Gardner

        haha thanks :)

    • I’ve bookmarked this post, great job.

      Just my personal opinion on my favourites here, I have to go with UPS, as I believe that layout would convert most users who see the page.

      For the cool factor, definitely goes to Clearvale. Wonderfully simple, yet so engaging.

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    • Great collection of landing pages. It’s amazing to me how the call to action on some of these is below the fold. I always thought that do be a crucial element of a landing page. Thoughts?

      • Oli Gardner

        First, awesome name. I haven’t actually run into another Oliver before :)

        And yeah you are totally right that the CTA should be above the fold, although I’d say it’s less of an issue than it used to be.

        a) screens are bigger
        b) people are much more inclined to do the dip n dunk (quickly scroll with the mouse wheel to check out the page and return to the top)

        If you can’t put it above the fold (due to some design or layout constraint) there are a couple of things you want to try and do instead:

        1. Use a directional cue to direct people to look below
        2. Place suggestive copy at the top of a form action area that is a call to proceed down
        3. Perhaps most importantly: do whatever it takes to create *engagement* above the fold – that way the user is going to make the effort to find the interaction point. Video is a great example of a way to do this.
        4. Adding a CTA at the end of a video is also a good technique to squeeze one in

    • Thanx oli, I like your tips. I know I need to do some work.

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    • Great article! I just discovered your blog through this post, thanks to an article on ppc.bz

      I’ll make sure to check the rest of your posts, thanks for all the valuable information!

      • Oli Gardner

        Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    • Dan R

      Excellent read thanks, i’d also test the CTA ‘Buy Now’ text colour on Camera+ lp.
      Amazing how otherwise great examples such as Webtrends are using ‘submit’ still.

      • Oli Gardner

        Agreed. The CTA is a bit hidden and overwhelmed by the red testimonial. It’s crazy how often “submit” is still used.

        I think it would be an appropriate term if you were interacting with a page about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) – where you might actually want someone to “submit” :)

    • Mim

      hi Oli, came across your post via the excellent Dave Chaffey. Great post and some fantastic tips, thanks. Have now subscribed to your RSS feed (which by the way, took me away from this page – don’t know if you can open it in new tab instead? I had to click back 3 times to get here again). I’m also going to check out your ‘unbounce’ product. Seems like it would be great to help Clients ‘self-serve’ in terms of doing their own ongoing A/B testing etc, post-launch.

      • Oli Gardner

        Thanks Mim – I’m going to update the RSS link to open in a new tab – I can see that getting annoying after going through all the feedburner steps.

        Feel free to fire me an email if you have any questions about the product. oli [at] unbounce.com

    • Mim

      p.s. one other thing on the ‘ThoughtLead’ page for the ‘Future of Marketing’ which I attended when it happened… You can’t see it above as you took the shot post-webcast, but the times on the original page were U.S. specific (EST/PST). There are a lot of us over this side of the pond attending these webinars also, and it would be v helpful if GMT (or UTC) could be included also. I’ve passed this feedback to a few organisers now, including to Sam at ThoughLead at the time. Might be something for other organisers to bear in mind, along with including an outside-US dialling code (which you have).

      • Oli Gardner

        Yeah, localization – or localisation if you’re from the UK ;) – is an important element for event based pages. You wouldn’t want to “convert” or commit to something only to find out it was happening in the middle of the night.

    • Ryan the Jenks

      One change I would suggest for the Camera+ landing page would be to add another CTA at the bottom (and even throughout the page). I scrolled all the way down, checked out the gallery, and then had to hunt for the CTA button again (which is all the way at the top).

      • Oli Gardner

        Yup, very good point. It’s really important to repeat your CTA on a long page such as this.

      • thank you for all this informations

    • Thanx olni, I really need to work on my landing pages.

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    • Excellent post and resource! Thank you. I’m getting ready to test several landing pages and struggling to know how much information to include for a very effective, but expensive weight loss coaching program. Too little info and we spend too much on the phone with unqualified leads, too much info, maybe we don’t have anybody to talk to…

      • Oli Gardner

        Yeah, it’s definitely a balancing act and a classic test. Long vs. short page – and long vs. short lead form (if you have one).

        Weeding out those who aren’t serious will reduce the number of leads but increase the quality – but you don’t want to scare off those who might just need some extra hand holding.

        Will be interested to see how your test pans out.

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    • Thanks Oli for some great analysis and professional insight. I’ve taken some notes and will be making some changes to my sites. What would it take to have my own design department to do all this??

      Have a grand day

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    • The highway LP is pretty sweet. Clean light and who wouldnt want to see whats behind the “sign” . I think a lot of guys go over board w/ to much crap on the LP. Nice post

    • Ben

      Enjoyed this post, saw your recent tweet calling for us to share our own landing pages. This is one that we had some outside help with laying out. What are your comments?


      • Oli Gardner

        Hi Ben,
        Thanks for sharing. I would say that your page isn’t a landing page in marketing terms – it’s just a product listing page. A landing page would have no navigation and would be focused on a single topic or product.

    • Great examples. I am in the initial planning stage of redesigning our website. Great ideas & great advice! Thanks

    • Great post, these examples are really helpful for reference. We just posted our landing page, any thoughts and/or feedback would be much appreciated.



      • Oli Gardner

        That’s a nice page James, thanks for sharing. My first instinct was to click o the video image to see if the video would play and tell me a deeper story.

        I like that you point out what you will do in the fine print (details of what vids you’ll send) – but I reckon this could be more prominent. People really want to know what they will get when they hit submit.

        Also a bit random in knowing if it’s smart enough to interpret my content requests – if I typed “cinderella, guns n roses, motley crue” I have no confidence that I’ll get what I’m asking for as there’s no verification.

        I think your value proposition could be stronger – the “and stuff” weakens it a bit.

        Nice layout and attention to the important areas – just needs some communications tweaks.

        Thanks again for sharing – – I love it when people are willing to offer up their page for critique. (albeit a 4 minute one).

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    • Mike

      Thanks for this post, and for your post at SEOMOZ here:

      Most of these examples are selling software, or services (which are related when you think about it.) Do you have examples of great landing pages for physical products? I am looking for resources to help me improve the conversion rates on a retail page (I am in the jewelry business).

      • Oli Gardner

        Great question Mike. I try to spend some time finding some great examples every once in a while so I’ll keep an eye out for what you’re looking for.

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    • It’s arduous to find knowledgeable folks on this subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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    • mike

      WOW!! i love your style of PRO’S and CON’S .

      Im new to CPA marketing and for a few weeks i have been looking for some great looking and functional landing pages for ideas, I have found them thanks to you!

      • Oli Gardner

        Glad you liked them. Keep coming back as we’ll have more examples coming out soon.

    • Thanks for this post. Great analysis and examples.

    • This is great article, very informative with lots of demos…thank you enjoyed it thoroughly.

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    • I dont quite understand how the UPS website made it on your list, but the rest of your examples for landing pages are great.

      • Oli Gardner

        Main reasons were the clean design and more importantly, the use of modal windows for the extra information (rather than taking people off the page).

    • First thanks for sharing , I love the “Clearvale” and I agree with the next page , I was always thinking why people would create a nice landing page , and then suddenly go to a simplistic , no graphic blog :-? Liked this post.

    • Gaby Chavez Regato

      The examples on your post make it so easy to understand rather than writing a thesis. I agree a lot with you regarding the CTA, taking care of it is thinking on sales, conversion and not only the good lookings. Great post!

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    • One of the best landing pages I’ve seen …



      • Oli Gardner

        Agreed, 37Signals do a great job. I might include that in a future critique.

    • Great post.
      Though most of the examples for landing pages are for service based companies.
      Can you please suggest some fashion/apparel companies which have a really good landing page.

    • I design for a living. I usually keep to the maxim of “keep it simple”. However, that CameraPlus landing page is pure eye candy. I don’t own an iPhone and I was still looking to buy the damned app. So there you go…

      Great list,

      Karl A. Krogmann

    • Hello there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I’ll certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I’m confident they will be benefited from this site.

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      • the 20% CTR had a min bid of .03. And I rlelay have no idea if that’s any good. I haven’t had any conversions as of yet.

    • I recently needed some quick examples of great landing pages and (re)discovered this blog post. Excellent stuff, I hope you do and update some day!

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    • The Groupon landing page reminds me a bit of Crate and Barrel and their one to three colored hues per page. The best way to get people’s attention is like these: strong colors, firm and original fonts and a witty remark.

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    • some nice examples of landing pages. sometimes it’s like trying to play catch up with google as they seem to frown on a lot of mine.

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    • Randy Laub

      Oli, great set of examples. What I like about these is that they provide a nice variety of techniques and styles. As usual your posts and suggestions are extremely useful.

      • Thank Randy, appreciate it.
        I keep meaning to do another post like this, and your comment is a good reminder.

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    • Joan

      So glad I stumbled upon this blog. The examples are great and your testing suggestions are very insightful. Now that the Holiday season is fast approaching, do you have any examples of or tips for Holiday landing pages that don’t suck?

    • This is probably the best illustration of landing pages. Thank you. I was looking for what landing pages example that get Google Quality Score 10/10. So I was wondering what would be the scores of this landing page for a particular keyword.

      This post definitely made me think more text does not mean higher relevancy or high QS

      Yea, did i say that this is the best post i have come across so far on landing pages example

      Thank you !

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    • Hi – I am a customer of unbounce and I just got a good new lead from my new landing page I designed. Just wanted to say thanks. :)

    • Funny story here: I really don’t like UPS because they always seem to botch up deliveries. I lived in one apartment in NYC and they tried to tell me the address did not exist.. Yet FedEx found it fine!

      Well, one thing does not have to do with another… UPS is a good story of proper marketing and a pervasive brand.. They’re very consistent in their representation (at least online heh). I’m not surprised that’s one of your choices.

      The Clearvale landing page eludes me.. I know having a clear CTA is the ideal but… This seems rather pointless. Wouldn’t you have a greater drop-off or abandonment rate after the click-through anyway?

      The page looks great and really stands out.. You would think they would hide some easter eggs if they’re going to hold you captive with a somewhat-hidden link (the “Learn More” won’t be the first thing to catch your eyes, at least).

      It really makes you wonder. Now, I’m not the expert on landing pages.. But I know a thing or two about click-through rates and analytics. Having landing pages like Clearvale’s may give someone warm fuzzy feelings but the reality is that it’s just another step for a potential customer to go through.

      It reminds me of landing pages that link to other pages until the breadcrumbs lead you five pages deep in nested crap… Only to tell you that the FREE thing requires you to pay now to get the full experience. To that I say…


      That is all. 8)

      P.S. Awesome read, BTW.. The images bring me to a happy place.. Web design zen, mayhaps?

    • Oli Gardner

      And therein lies the beauty of blog posts, design, and the opportunity to debate.
      I don’t say Clearvale is a good landing page or a bad landing page… Only that it is designed innsuch a way as to inspire a “huh?” or a “WTF?” and make you look left and right before boldly clicking onwards to see what’s on the other side.
      In short, it’s got that elusive persuasion gene that draws mouse clicks in it’s direction.
      And makes designers and marketers think and learn.

      That’s all….

    • Well, I don’t like landing pages which has music on it. Specially those websites that don’t have any option to mute it. Landing pages should be interesting enough to immediately catch the attention of the visitors.

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    • I read the entire article, each time it has been posted. There is so much here that all of us need to begin to apply, promise ourselves we will, fail to do so, then are reminded again…and the tale goes on. Thanks for fighting the good fight, my friend. Our landing pages thank you.

      • Oli Gardner

        Thanks James. It’s funny, I’m trying to create a follow up post and it’s soooo hard to find examples of good landing pages. I’ve clicked 1,000’s of banners and PPC ads – and they either go to the homepage or a very weak LP.

        I’m glad the post has relevance in subsequent readings (that was my main impetus for pushing it back up – believing that it is still relevant and the standards haven’t been raised yet).

        I *do* have a follow-up post coming – based on what Unbounce customers have created and I’m excited to share it soon.

        Thanks again for stopping by.

    • Personally I think the landing page from UPS could use a more compelling call to action message than “Keep In Touch” How about “Learn How Your Business Can Benefit From We Logistics”

      • Oli Gardner

        Absolutely! I think you’ve poked the biggest hole in the page. There’s a definite sense of desire lacking in that form header CTA.

        And that’s a great replacement example.

        Would love to see an A/B/C test with:

        A – Keep in Touch
        B – Learn How Your Business Can Benefit From We Logistics
        C – Your Business + Our Logistics = Verifiable ROI

        Just riffing – love the discussion.

    • Design is so important. Simple is the bottom line, don’t confuse people. Give them what they want – I’ve learned the hard way.


    • Andrew

      How would you rate landing pages like http://www.weighttrainingweekly.com or http://www.thrillist.com? You don’t really sell a product, but a newsletter.. I read that site like http://www.html5weekly.com had 50percent conversions (or one of owners other sites where he provides weekly newsletter about HTML, Java etc…)

      I wonder how much is Groupon’s conversion rates…really not much info on what it is (if somehow you don’t know what Groupon is)..

    • It’s amazing how relevant this article is. We get asked all the time by clients to consult on the landing pages. Some of them are absolutely horrible. I agree that testing is also a big part of conversion optimization in paid SEM Campaigns.

    • How about landing pages that require a user to submit a lot of information (or signup) before even displaying what they are selling? there a lots of such examples …

      Verizon, AT&T etc landing pages are a micro-example of this. Enter your zipcode before they’ll display anything. And, entering the zipcode does not mean you get any customized information.

      • Oli Gardner

        If you have any examples to share that would be great. We’re always on the lookout for new landing page examples to look at and review etc.

    • This article is priceless (and you are right– timeless). In the fast paced digital world we now do biz in, I often find it hard to keep up to date on all the changes. This piece has had a fabulous impact on how I will re-design my landing pages. THANKS!

    • Some great examples of landing pages there, quite amazing that even some of the bigger companies still get the form buttons wrong.

    • While all of these are great examples of landing pages, I’m not quite sold yet. I read an article earlier last week on smashing magazine about viral landing pages which focuses on startup landing pages that generate a lot of traffic within a short time frame. Their approach is simple and minimal to the point of not even displaying any information about what it is they do. This triggers the user’s curiosity which leads to more signups.

      Although the companies that do it seems to have varying levels of success, I’m not completely sold on that method either because personally, I wouldn’t sign up for a page that won’t disclose any information about what they do.

      I think a landing page should be able to grasp the user’s attention immediately but follow up with additional information if the user wants it. Camera plus was the best example for me as it already tried to sell me the app at the top of the page with the video (exactly as you mentioned it). I downloaded it immediately afterwards when I scrolled a little further down the page and realized the features that it had.

      I think that I’d like to see more of landing pages that have a clear and simplistic landing page that has a focal CTA and expands to show more content as the user requests it.

      The advice on the landing page was fantastic though- I redesigned my landing page just because of this post in hopes of getting a larger audience. Grooovy.me is trying to be simplistic as much as possible to have the user sign up immediately if they want to, and expands into more content with the use of horizontal sliders and interactive prompts/actions within each slide.

      Disclaimer: I’m involved with grooovy.me

    • Isn’t number 4 just way too simple? Personally I’d be put off by not knowing what the link will take me to.

    • some great examples of good landing pages, thanks.

    • Great, thank Mr Oli Gardner

    • Awesome examples and analysis. I learned a ton from these examples.

    • Another great post. You truly are the SEOmoz of the CRO world.

      • Oli Gardner

        Thanks Mark! That’s quite a complement – big fan of everything the mozzers do.

        • Me too. I actually found Unbounce through the Noob guide you did on their blog. I couldn’t believe the amount of effort that must have gone into that.

          Ever thought of doing some kind of ROI guess post on how that post performed?

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    • Very good information.

      I’m often looking for clear methodologies to improve landing pages. Really liked the pro / con perspective.


    • You have shown me that my Landing Page sucks! Thank you!

      • i build my web site since one month and i m ready ranked PR1 now i just start do some backlinks in other web site and directory may be seo knowledge so can you suggest me some web site which are very interesting for good ranking thank you

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    • 1st example is the best ;)

    • How is Ecquire not on here? We’re converting at 39%… I know that sounds crazy but it’s true and we even used unbounce to figure out our optimal set up.

      • Oli Gardner

        Nice conversion rate. Which page is that for?

        And to answer your question – this is a fairly old post and examples are harder to find than you might think. Lemme know which page of yours you’re referring to an perhaps it’ll be relevant for an upcoming post.


    • Best landing examples so far,, Looking forward for more.I love the Oprah-sweeptakes for lead gen. I’m so glad to have read your article, such have given me great ideas. Thank you Mr. Oli, I’ll keep updated!

    • My brother recommended I would possibly like this website. He was entirely right. This put up truly made my day. You can not believe just how a lot time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

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    • Great work! It is always interesting to see another persons opinion on landing pages. Landing pages are so important to good PPC campaigns and when you get them right you really do see the difference in conversion.

      Well done and thank you.

      • Oli Gardner

        Thanks Will. There will be another post along these lines coming soon – hopefully you’ll be able to catch that one too.

    • GREAT article. Been researching landing pages and conversions for a bit and this was brilliant insight. Thanks a lot!

      • Oli Gardner

        Glad you got something useful from it! Cheers

        • Yeah – used your comments about the UPS and Webtrends landing pages (video – people and call to action form (and buttons). Once it gets okay’ed by my client will send it to you for critique. Thanks again.

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    • Hey Oli, great landing pages; really inspiring. I’m running adwords for a driving school. What sort of landing page would you recommend?

      • Oli Gardner

        Thanks. As far as the type of page you need it really depends on your goals. If you are trying to gather leads to re-market to via email etc. in the future then a lead gen page is the way to go. Usually you’d be giving something away in exchange for their data. OR perhaps it would be to set up an appointment for a call or setting up lessons.

        If you want to sell something specifically – like a bundle of lessons for a certain price – then you’d want a more traditional ecommerce based click-through page that explains your offer and then pushes them through to your payment page.

        Regarding design – you want to get it as closely branded to your website and brand as possible to maintain the correct design match.

        Hope that helps.

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    • Valuable advice. But I am of the opinion that a video is too much of a hassle to open – and it isn’t just about the broadband speed. If i’m landing on a page, I’d rather read and let the attention-grabbing stuff grab my attention, than spend even 60 seconds (for which i’d first have to put my head phones on).

      • … sorry.. broke off in my last comment:

        I’d rather read and let the attention-grabbing stuff grab my attention, than spend even 60 seconds (for which i’d first have to put my head phones on) engaged in an audio-visual. This is especially true if I’m a casual surfer searching for, say, “restaurants in xyz”, who then happens to land on my page. Video is probably for users with business needs….

        • Oli Gardner

          Have to disagree. Video (TV etc.) is the most passive content consumption method there is – and as such requires the least effort to consume. And if it were only for B2B or purely business needs there wouldn’t be a million commercials on TV for consumers every day.

          Whaddya think?

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    • Thanks for the great comparisons. Picked up on a few very good tips, especially the call to action in the submit button itself. Very sound advice!!

    • Wow, i actually picked up a lot of tips here while reading all of the comments and the post. Great job guys

    • Very Good Landing Page.

    • Aydın

      Hey Oli

      First of all thats te best landing page article i ve ever read.(thanks)

      i am a real estate agent selling property abroad.I ve been running adwords campaigns for sometime.My conversion doesn’t satisfy me,i drive Most of PPC visitor to My HomePage .

      Do you have any suggestions for real estate landing pages?

      • Oli Gardner

        That’s a really tough question Aydin, as it pertains to so many factors – the quality of the ads coming in, and how your page is written and designed. If you have an example page to show me, I might be able to offer some critique if you;re open to that (but must me an original design – i.e. not based on one of our templates as I can’t critique them). Let me know – oli@unbounce.com.

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    • Great landing pages! I find that SaaS and Email Marketing companies often times have great landing pages too. I’m always looking at what they are doing to generate my landing pages!

      • Oli Gardner

        Agreed – I guess cos SaaS and email companies are typically by default wholly “online” businesses that they understand the realm better.

    • casper

      what an asshat you are Oli. Dont take that too personally.

      • Oli Gardner

        #Ouch :)

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    • chinese soapberry tree

      Ok so I am thinking about removing my site from Tumbler and get it to a WordPress website. I believe this is a wordpress site right? If it is, may I ask where you got the theme? Thanks a bunch!

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    • woww awesome landing page
      thanks for your sha ring :D

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    • We love working with WordPress, IMO the best CMS out there..

      • Oli Gardner

        I agree, but that has nothing to do with landing pages. Moments away from marking your comment as spam unless you have a discussion point.

    • Per


      Great great article. So many fantastic landing page examples with very good feedback and insight.

      I wonder how you would apply your thoughts on an e-commerce site? I just went into an e-commerce site as a partner and we are struggling with conversions, specially on our bought traffic. We generate amazing results on the Adwords side of things, but we get no conversions. I have tried insane amount of copy, adds, long tail, head, products, categories etc, but no matter what, I get poor conversion.

      This have made me come to the conclusion that the fault is on my site, hence my landing pages.

      How should I think in relation to your landing pages examples above and an e-commerce site?
      Should I create specific landing pages with specific offers and only work with those? Or work with good CTA / Landing page offers on each category page? Or only work with the product pages?

      “Problem” for me in relation to the great examples above is I have trouble transforming them into practical use for a 1500+ product e-commerce site. Offering only one thing, like a signup for a webinar, buy/download one app etc, then anything is about the landing page.

      Any insight would be greatly appreciated and thank you again for a great article with awesome examples.

      • Oli Gardner

        Yeah, ecommerce is hard when you have that many products. Your best bet is to really clean up your product pages and have strong CTA’s on them.

        As for standalone landing pages, you should use them for promotional use, so that you don’t have to clog up your site with details and can have all of the information in one place (makes conversion measurement easier too).

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    • Hi Guys Take a Look at our sales page

    • I prefer to have SEOMoz type of landing page since I’m related to software. I feel that for myself too. I’m more attracted towards a comparison table of two or more products on the same page. This helps people see which is the best suited product for them.

    • it’s great list…thanks for posting.

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    • ken

      It would have been very informative to list at least some of the keywords these landing pages were targeting. I want to see how connected the ads are to those search phrases, and how much trouble the designers went to create a close connection with the content.

    • I really like this excellent design. What kind of design are you using?

    • I would like to appreciate your efforts that bring really nice work and also engage all people here to take opportunity for share their views. This is truly nice.

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    • I love visuals, great piece.. Nice work

    • Thanks for putting these together Oli, they are all great examples of effective landing pages

    • Hey Oli, great landing pages article; really cool. We run plenty of adword campaigns for all types of landing pages with a really high goal conversion rate. This is a fantastic read!

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    • This is a really quality post.I find this information through Google. Great job!

    • This article is now more than a year old, but the information is still very up to date and valid. I like the use of the modal windows for UPS. Would help the look though if they had a new logo (that is not brown!) :-)

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    • too bad the NYTimes lading page has gone!

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    • really awesome job ! Thanx for sharing

    • Good tips! Up until now, I was just going by the rule of NO music on the landing page. Everyone I’ve talked to says they hate that with a passion.

    • Good examples – thanks for sharing and better check my own now!

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    • Hey Oli,

      Considering our website is totally based on conversion email and phone, we completely agree with what your saying and to be honest have changed our website to match some of your ideas!

      Love your work.. will be following up more!

    • Great post Oli. I’ve been studying capture pages for a while now and this is hands down the best post/resource I have found about it. Thanks for sharing.


    • Interesting use of video on a few of the above examples. I am sure that this format will become more and more important to encourage conversions.

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    • Good examples, Great post Oli. I learned from these examples…. some great examples of good landing pages, thanks.

    • John

      Great article! One question, do modal dialogue boxes help with Google Quality Score? Want to add more info and keywords to our landing page but don’t want to overcrowd the page with text.

      Thanks again!

      • Oli Gardner

        Hi John,
        To be honest I’m not sure (we have a company managing our PPC right now). It would be a great thing to test though, and shouldn’t be that hard.

        Would love to here your results if you try it out.


    • Several of the top rated pages have contact forms front and center. Has there been any research to show that this pays off?

    • Superb post. Very detailed and informative. My next landing page will be killer!

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    • awesome keep it up
      thanks for sharing

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    • Pingback: 10 técnicas para captar nuevos clientes en internet / aumentar las ventas a traves de internet()

    • Oprah’s pretty much rocks it – that is the prototype. Instant impression, very clear call to action.

    • That is really attention-grabbing, You’re an excessively skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look forward to in
      search of extra of your magnificent post. Also,
      I’ve shared your web site in my social networks

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    • This is very informative and helpful. Keep up the good work.

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    • I like the template Times Reader, remains modern

    • A good landing page is very important to attract visitors

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    • you’re actually a excellent webmaster. The site loading speed is incredible. It sort of feels that you’re
      doing any distinctive trick. Furthermore, The contents are
      masterwork. you have performed a magnificent activity in this topic!

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    • Thomas

      This really worries me that people are
      1. Agreeing
      2. Bookmarking these pages for reference of good design.

      Content aside, these pages are very poorly designed, offer awful typography, and are overloaded with cheap visuals and cutler. To think that people are using these as benchmarks and going to churn out similar scenarios just makes me think how much bad/cheap design is about to be put into the world.

      There are so many great clean, and now very diverse sites out there that have been simply overlooked for reasons I don’t know. Programming and CMS has come so far recently with subtle but beautiful interaction of parallax, creating well paced story telling, with bite size information.

      While I do agree with some principles of what is being talked about in hierarchy, constancy, and simplicity— these examples are simply not good enough to show these credentials.

    • Really like the title for this post, straight to the point. Some good examples of good website landing pages. I think out of the 10 Groupon’s simplistic approach works the best for me.

    • Pingback: landing pages – чеклист и 12-шаговый процесс создания. | 35-й метод()

    • The Groupon one has it right, cause booze sells. Everytime.

    • Thanks, there are quite alot of different options which we never considered before (EG: Groupon) but seems to work depending on the type of website, product and service.

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    • You can check some high converting landing page design here http://www.buylandingpagedesign.com/

    • excellent advice and useful examples of how to optimize a landing page. To take note! Thank you!

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    • This read was definately eye-opening. Few ideas popped right into my head and I might have to try changing a couple of my own landing pages as well… :) Thanks for the inspiration!

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    • I don’t like “Clearvale: No Jive Talkin’ – a seductive single CTA”. I don’t know how they convert with this landing page. But others one, are interesting. Thank you.


    • Thanks this article! I was urgently searching for how to lower the bounce rate on my home page i.e. to make visitors stay. Thanks to you, I know the right direction now!

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    • Every landing page needs custom graphics such as a “Report Cover” that matched the theme and message of your page..

      See http://3Dcovermaker.com for an easy online cover software.

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    • Gregory

      Сколько следует отдавать за создание целевой страницы?
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