The PPC Marketing Quiz

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Quiz Answers

Question 1

When developing a PPC campaign, the first thing you should do is …

Answer: Keyword Research

Question 2

Target multiple keywords with the same ads by using  …

Answer: Ad Group

Question 3

If you want your ads to never be displayed alongside results about “dolphins,” what should you use?

Answer: Negative Keyword

Question 4

This is the default way that Google AdWords matches keywords to your ads.

Answer: Broad Match

Question 5

Use this to target specific keywords, even if they’re included as part of a longer query:

Answer: Phrase Match

Question 6

If you want your ad to be displayed only next to one specific query, you should utilize …

Answer: Exact Match

Question 7

This determines where your ad will be displayed on the page — and if it’s displayed at all.

Answer: Ad Rank

Question 8

Don’t focus on only the most popular keywords, because there’s tons of value to be found in going after

Answer: Long Tail Keywords

remarketing definition

Question 9

Deliver follow-up messaging to people who’ve visited your site before with …

Answer: Remarketing

Question 10

When setting up PPC ads for a local business, it would be wise to use …

Answer: Geo Targeting