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5 Ways to Get Your Client To Say “Yes” to Conversion Forms

With 78% of marketers placing high quality lead generation as their top priority, a well placed conversion form within a website can be one of the most valuable parts of an organization’s online presence. BUT a large % of marketing departments spend their budget on traffic to their website, without giving a visitor the opportunity to convert into a lead.

Conversion Fest
Contest Entry

More Conversions Than a Kool-Aid Cult: Using Mind Control to Boost Your Lead Gen Conversion Rate!

These tips are designed to beef up your conversion rate and leave you with a throng of admiring followers. No one will suspect that beneath the shining facade of your marketing is a dark secret: you’re using classic mind control tactics to increase conversions.

[HOW TO] Twitter Lead Capture – An Easy Way to Find New Business Leads with Social Media

The concept of a lead is normally associated with an email address, but that’s only one way of seeing it. Having a potential business target within your social sphere of influence is another way to extend your reach and build your inbound marketing program. I’ll show you a simple 3-step process for building more business leads using Twitter, hashtags and real-time search results.

Do You Trust Your Customers to Do the Right Thing? – Try Enabling Freedom on Your Form Fields

Some companies are afraid of their customers… They’re afraid they won’t complete form fields that are optional, and they’re worried that by letting people type what they want, they will lose the reporting capabilities enabled by dropdown lists.

What Happens Next? Post-Conversion Strategies for Lead Gen Landing Pages

Conversion is your primary goal, but encapsulating a lead in a larger sphere of influence should be an important secondary marketing tactic. Your customers are going to leave your confirmation page in some direction, so try to guide them in a way that will be beneficial.

HOW TO: Keep Your CTA Above the Fold on a Lead Gen Landing Page

A fundamental rule of landing page design is to try and keep your Call To Action (CTA) above the fold. This enables your visitors to quickly see where they need to interact with your page to be successful.

CASE STUDY: Creating an eBook as a Lead Capture Prize

The story of how we created our 101 Landing Page Optimization Tips eBook in 24 hours.

HOW TO: Grow Your Client List – 7 Carrots For Lead Capture

Question: How do you make your client list swell like a ripe plum in the summer sun? Short Answer: Free stuff that’s useful, valuable or funny.

Measuring Form Threshold on Lead Gen Landing Pages

The quest for leads is a simple fact of marketing life. Companies require personal data to fill their sales funnels and maintain momentum, and the data that they seek varies from the simple to the extreme. Landing page form threshold is the minimum set of information requirements that still produce an acceptable conversion rate.

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