We Crowdsourced Answers to 7 Lead Gen Landing Page Questions (#CROchat)

Our first #CROchat included plenty of brilliant landing page optimization tips. Image source.

Behind every click and form fill, there’s a person waiting to be persuaded.

The only way to get these real people to opt in is to deliver a delightful experience with a compelling lead generation landing page.

In our recent #CROchat, we asked Oli Gardner and our community members how they appeal to prospects on their lead gen landing pages.

The highlights?

Some pretty sharp optimization tips… and some pretty funny memes.

If you missed it, not to worry. We’ve rounded up the biggest knowledge bombs that were dropped.

Read on.

Q1: What are the most common mistakes you see people making on their lead generation landing pages?

We kicked off the chat by asking about common lead gen landing page mistakes. This one kept cropping up:

Another common blunder?

If you haven’t yet heard of the concept of attention ratio, allow yourself to be schooled:

Some other form woes that were mentioned?

And there were tons of copywriting pet peeves, too:

Q2: What’s the first thing to consider before starting your lead generation landing page design?

Next, we asked participants about the first thing they do when they set out to create a lead gen landing page.

Here’s what Oli had to say:

While others always start with a healthy dose of research:

But every answer had a common theme: start with your copy.

Q3: How can I tell which content should be gated for lead gen and which to give away “for free”?

When we asked participants when it was appropriate to gate content, some thought it should be based on length…

…while others take into account how advanced the tactics are.

One participant gates content based on how hot the lead is:

Some other great rules of thumb that were mentioned:

When in doubt, put yourself in their shoes and ask:

Q4: How do you weigh the importance of quality over quantity of leads?

Sometimes what’s good for your conversion rate won’t necessarily bring in the highest quality leads.

Marketers everywhere struggle to find that happy medium: the secret formula that will bring in hordes of the right kind of customers.

What did the #CROchat participants have to say about it?

This about sums it up:

Q5: What would you consider a successful conversion rate?

For Oli, a successful conversion rate = one that pays the bills:

And what’s a positive ROI?

And for Peep Laja and John Bonini, a successful conversion rate is one that is always on the rise:

Q6: What are some good things to A/B test on lead gen landing pages?

Here’s a smorgasbord of A/B testing ideas pulled from the chat:

But don’t get too trigger happy. Peep cautioned against jumping into a test just for the heck of it:

Q7: What are the best alternatives to PPC to drive traffic for lead generation?

Everyone would like a little more traffic to their landing pages – but not everyone has the resources or knowhow to set up PPC campaigns.

Our participants shared some alternatives to getting your lead gen page out there:

Got anything to add?

Did you miss the chat and have an awesome tactic to contribute? Share it with us in the comments or on Twitter!

And be sure to tune in for our next #CROChat on March 25th at 11:00am PST/2:00pm EST. We’re welcoming special guest Aaron Orendorff of iconiContent to dig into optimizing content for conversion. See you there!

— Amanda Durepos


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