Landing Pages

A landing page can be defined as any web page a potential customer arrives at after expressing interest in one your upstream ads. The source of the ad can be: a search result, banner ad, paid search ad (e.g. Google AdWords), a link in an email, or a vanity URL observed in print or TV advertising.

The purpose of a landing page is to expand upon the upstream ad and convince the visitor to "convert" into becoming a customer by taking a specific action.

You might also want to take a look at our landing page examples to see what you can build with Unbounce.

If you want to learn more about Landing Pages, check out The Conversion Marketing Glossary.

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How Exit Overlays Can Make Your Landing Page Offer More Persuasive

When a high percentage of visitors abandon your landing page, you need a trusty sidekick to swoop in and make your offer more persuasive. Learn how to use exit overlays to sweeten the pot and capture conversions that were otherwise lost.

3 Conversion Psychology Principles to Test on Your Landing Page

If you don’t understand the psychology behind high-converting landing pages, then your optimization efforts are just a shot in the dark. Here are three psychological principles to help make your offer more persuasive.

5 Questions to Help You Create Customer-Centric Landing Pages

If you don’t create landing pages with your target customer in mind, then they simply won’t convert. Here are five questions you should ask yourself to ensure that every element on your landing page is created with your prospects in mind.

11 Lovely Landing Page Optimization Infographics and SlideShares (with Takeaways)

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How to Increase Landing Page Conversions With the Psychology of Desire

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How Marketing Agencies Use Landing Pages to Run Successful Campaigns

Landing pages give marketing agencies superhuman efficiency, but with great power comes great responsibility. Here are three powerful landing page strategies used by successful marketing agencies.

How to Optimize Your Event Marketing With Social Ads and Landing Pages

If you’re going to spend money participating in conferences, you need to treat them as campaigns. Here’s how a few landing pages and a social ad budget can help attract and convert qualified leads – weeks before the event.

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