Landing Pages

A landing page can be defined as any web page a potential customer arrives at after expressing interest in one your upstream ads. The source of the ad can be: a search result, banner ad, paid search ad (e.g. Google AdWords), a link in an email, or a vanity URL observed in print or TV advertising.

The purpose of a landing page is to expand upon the upstream ad and convince the visitor to "convert" into becoming a customer by taking a specific action.

You might also want to take a look at our landing page examples to see what you can build with Unbounce.

If you want to learn more about Landing Pages, check out The Conversion Marketing Glossary.

Direct Your Landing Pages Like a Hollywood Legend

Billy Wilder was one of Hollywood’s most prolific writers and directors. With more than 70 writing credits to his name, his 10 rules for writing screenplays come from vast experience. What’s amazing is how well his advice translates to landing pages.

A Scientific Model for Creating Emotionally Powerful Landing Pages

Buyer personas can sometimes feel like wild generalizations – but conversion expert André Morys used MRI scans to bring some actual science into the equation. Read on to learn how to apply his process to your landing pages.

How to Create Landing Pages That Address the Emotional Needs of Prospects

You’ve got all the essential elements of a high-converting landing page in place – but are you paying attention to other forces that motivate prospects to convert? Here’s a framework that will help you confirm that you’ve addressed *all* your prospects’ needs.

3 Questions You Must Answer to Create Mobile Landing Pages That Convert Like Crazy

Designing landing pages for mobile isn’t easy – you’ve got to cram all of the essential elements into half the space. In our recent Unwebinar, CRO expert Bryan Eisenberg shared three questions you can ask to create well-rounded landing page experiences for your mobile users.

How to Make Your Landing Page More Persuasive Using Buying Modalities

Are you marketing to Iron Man or Jack Sparrow? What questions would Sherlock Holmes have if he landed on your page? Here’s a simple framework for tailoring your campaign to any personality type.

4 Fresh Tips for Building Better User Experiences on Your Landing Pages

If the marketing experiences you create are less than delightful, your conversions will suffer. Here are four simple ways to deliver exceptional user experiences on your landing pages.

How “Best Practices” Change When You’re Dealing with Mobile-Responsive Landing Pages

Are you creating delightful experiences for prospects regardless of which device they’re using? We asked CRO experts how they adapt to their mobile users – here are the mobile-responsive landing page optimization tips they shared.

6 Things I Do to My Landing Pages When My Conversion Rates Suck

If your landing pages aren’t converting, how do you know where to start making improvements? Here are six things Oli Gardner does when his conversion rates suck.

How to Validate Ideas for Your Next Marketing Campaign Using Landing Pages

Worried that your next marketing campaign will be a colossal flop? It doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. Your customers and leads can help you generate and validate campaign ideas – all you have to do is ask.

How Exit Overlays Can Make Your Landing Page Offer More Persuasive

When a high percentage of visitors abandon your landing page, you need a trusty sidekick to swoop in and make your offer more persuasive. Learn how to use exit overlays to sweeten the pot and capture conversions that were otherwise lost.

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