CASE STUDY: Creating an eBook as a Lead Capture Prize

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You may have noticed the primary Unbounce giveaway that we’re using to generate leads for our upcoming product launch. It’s an eBook called “101 Landing Page Optimization Tips“.

If you didn’t know, we’re a new startup company that’s soon to unleash a new landing page service (WYSIWYG editor, A/B testing, reporting etc.), so right at the start we sat down to think of ways to gather some relevant and targeted sales leads.

As we’re targeting marketing types that have an influence/impact/role to play in the use and creation of landing pages, we figured that a guide to building better landing pages was an appropriate topic.

Oh, but how to be different?

Differentiation is critical in today’s information economy. There are loads of blog posts, articles and books out there on this subject, so our goal was based on 2 requirements:

  1. Be opinionated: Opinions and leadership are keys to success in all walks of life. I don’t think any of us here at Unbounce are afraid of being wrong – we welcome a healthy debate. But there comes a time when you have to place that stake in the ground and say “Hey, this is what I think. You down?”
  2. Make it big enough: Produce a quantity that is noticeable and authoritative. 101 seemd to be a large enough number, coupled with the ingrained association that 101 has with learning (in North America at least).

So, after establishing that we’d write an eBook with 101 tips in it, we were left with a question: How do we come up with 101 tips without spending an entire week on it?

The Process

At 12pm on a Tuesday, we gathered at the apartment of one of the Unbounce co-founders (COO Jason Murphy), where I facilitated a brainstorm. Using classic IDEO style creative agency techniques, I posed a series of questions and as a group we recorded our ideas on sticky notes that soon filled the entire room.

After 2 hours of colored squares we called it quits. I snuck off to my typewriter (ok, fully loaded Macbook Pro) and scribbled, wrote, jotted, deciphered, re-interpreted and manufactured the 101 tips for our first eBook by the time the sun rose the next day.

In short, we did it in less than 24 hours.

When it comes to the business of business, it pays to go the extra mile to produce something that people will be happy to exchange phone numbers for.

Oli Gardner

Unbounce Challenge

Got eBookz?

If you have landing pages with lead gen forms, that offer free eBooks, then share away my friends. Add them in the comments with a description of what they are and how they can benefit people. (For the record, I don’t believe in “nofollow” so your link will be worth something).

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