15 Fresh Resources for Increasing Ecommerce Conversions

Profiling (or demographic segmentation) is essential in ecommerce. Not quite so nice when you’re being pulled over… (Image source: images.baynote.com)

So apparently no one knows how to spell Ecommerce correctly (eCommerce, E-Commerce, e-Commerce, ECommerce) having said that, after reading these 15 recent & insightful posts you’ll be such an e-whatever expert that you won’t care how it’s spelled.

Ecommerce Reports, Stats & Infographics

1. New Ecommerce Report Reveals Secrets of Tablet Shoppers and More [Infographic]

Want to sell more of your products online? Buy your customers an iPad. Clearly, letting people shop while drinking a beer on the porch, or under the covers while hubby sleeps is driving up sales. Check out the stats in the infographic to see how mobility is pushing ecommerce up and to the right.

2. E-commerce Optimization Report: Social vs. Search, Mac vs. PC, Safari vs. Chrome

Weird and interesting angle on this post, looking at how ecommerce conversions are impacted by browser and computer type. Who knew?

3. Shopping Cart Abandonment Stats [Infographic]

If you care about ecommerce (which hopefully you do if you’re reading this), then you should read the GetElastic.com blog religiously. First stop on this post – see the top 5 reasons people are abandoning your shopping carts.

4. 15 Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics

This post will take you less than a minute to read, but it’s got some sweet data in it comparing the abandonment rate on different ecommerce sites. Nice.

5. How Pinterest Drives Ecommerce Sales [Infographic]

Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social network site in the world, and ecommerce stores can leverage its popularity to significantly increase traffic and sales. This is a great infographic that pulls data directly from Shopify’s 25,000 stores.

Ecommerce Conversion Strategies

6. 5 Strategies for Using Market Research to Improve E-commerce Sales

A great list of things you can do today to improve your ecommerce conversions: Strengthen your differentiation, Upgrade your marketing (with A/B Testing), Simplify your check-out process, Check-in on your selection, Develop deeper customer archetypes.

7. Checkout Experience: Don’t Require Seemingly Unnecessary Information (61% get it wrong)

Many of us don’t consider that asking for seemingly unnecessary information during checkout could actually make our customers feel like their privacy is being violated. Explaining the “why” could go a long way to increasing conversion, very smart. Sounds like a great test to me.

8. Landing Page Optimization for Confirmation Pages: 6 tactics to get more conversions

We’ve talked about post conversion strategies before, and that’s because it’s an important part of the checkout process that often goes neglected. This post lays out 6 great ways to take full advantage of your confirmation pages.

9. How to Use Twitter for Ecommerce

So maybe you’re pimping out your products on Facebook (cause it’s the biggest) and Pinterest (cause it’s hot as hell right now) but are you using Twitter for your ecommerce? This is a great post if you’re wondering just how to make the most of it.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

10. 9 Ways To Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment On Your eCommerce Website

Imagine if you used all 9 tips here to improve your online shopping cart experience?! Sounds like a conversion win to me. Get on it.

11. Cart Tricks: Keep Visitors Focused to Boost Conversions

3 simple tricks to make your cart roll faster through the checkout process. Particularly like the focus on progress indicators – like a mini map of where you are going and how much is left to do. And check this: “27% of people who abandoned their carts did so to look for a coupon” – so if you don’t want to offer one for a particular campaign, find a way to hide the coupon code field – it’ll stop this discount search mentality.

12. Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with Retargeting

“Display retargeting can help address customer concerns over price and message them when they are ready to buy.” Get the low-down on how to how to setup a shopping cart abandonment retargeting campaign.

Testing & Ecommerce

13. Removing product filter on eCommerce Website Boosts Site Engagement by 27%

Useful case study in here about the use of product option filtering on your product pages, and I’m giving it double points cause one of our co-founders is Scottish and the post talks about increasing conversions in kilt sales. #bagpipes (yes, Oli made me add that hashtag)

14. How a Simple Idea, $49 and 30 Minutes Investment Increased eCommerce Sales by 41%

The message here: Adding guarantees establishes trust in potential buyers. Trust is key to turning fence-sitters into purchasers so take note of the lessons in this one.

15. Should You Test Prices Online?

Love this. Such a spicy topic that everyone should know about. We all want to test our pricing, but you need to be super careful about how you do it. You’ll see why when you read it. (Plus Unbounce’r Carlos is the first person quoted in the post).

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