Show Off Your Copywriting Skills and Win a Ticket to CTA Conference

Copywriting Contest
UPDATE: The contest is now closed – thanks for your participation! Congrats to Brian Lenney for winning his way to the Call to Action Conference in Vancouver in September, and to our runners-up Michaela Stalnaker and Shana Haynie who received tickets to the Conversion Road Trip.

We’re looking for the most awesome copywriter ever. And we’re really hoping that it’s you.

If it is, you’ll soon be on your way to the Call to Action Conference, our three-day mega-event in Vancouver featuring talks from — and parties with — the world’s top conversion experts.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

unnamedIn our Conversion Copywriting Contest, you’ll be tasked with writing about the world’s most adorable robot vacuum cleaner that also lays down the sickest beats: DJ Rumba.

Your mission is to write compelling landing page copy that will persuade visitors to sign up to a mailing list in order to to hear more about DJ Rumba in the run-up to its official release. (It doesn’t actually exist, but this is a trivial detail.)

Awesome copy calls for awesome judges

We’ve assembled an all-star team of conversion copywriters, including Joanna Wiebe from Copy Hackers (and the author of the Conversion Marketer’s Guide to Landing Page Copywriting), Demian Farnworth from Copyblogger, and Henneke Duistermaat from Enchanted to help us select and critique the top 10 landing pages.

These top 10 pages (and their accompanying critiques) will be posted and opened to public voting on May 12. Whichever page has the most votes by May 18 will be declared the winner.

And awesome prizes, too

If your page garners the most votes, you’ll win a free ticket to the Call to Action Conference, along with $500 to get you there.

Two runner-ups will win free tickets to The Conversion Road Trip, 1-day events jam-packed with actionable advice from CRO experts. Attend an event in the city of your choice: Boston, Chicago, New York or Toronto.

Ready to get started?

There’s no design involved — you only have to write the copy and insert it in the DJ Rumba Unbounce template — but submissions are only open until May 4, 2015.


About Brad Tiller
Brad’s a former writer at Unbounce, with a marketing background encompassing everything from community management to lead generation. He's obsessed with the little touches that take marketing campaigns from so-so to stellar. Find him on Twitter: @bradtiller
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  1. Sarah B Danks

    First of all — awesome contest. If I were a writer I’d be ALL OVER IT.

    Second — I LOVE that photographer! I just saw his work recently in a coffee table book my Dad recently got … pretty neat :)

    • Oli Gardner

      The photo of all the things?
      You should get all over it anyway. Maybe you’re a better writer than you think Bernie. Oh, and get a Gravatar already :)

  2. David

    So, it’s only the ticket and the $500, right? No plane tickets or hotel accomodations? I’d rather be sure before entering into the contest… :-P

    Whatever the conditions, thanks anyway for the great chance!

  3. Luiz Centenaro

    This is great! Definitely entering the contest, hopefully the judges give me some constructive criticism. :D

  4. Bruno Coelho

    Will the landing pages be tested live to see if they really convert or will the judges do a pure theoric review of what copy should work best?

    • Brad Tiller

      The analysis will be purely hypothetical. After all, it would be difficult to find a large enough audience to test every single page, not to mention the fact that testing the performance of a page for a product that obviously doesn’t exist could be pretty difficult. :)

      • Bruno Coelho

        Thank you for your reply Brad!

        But what do you mean by testing a “page for a product that obviously doesn’t exist could be pretty difficult”? I thought that this is what Lean Startup approach is all about! :)

  5. Malcolm

    May we enter more than once? I see this as target market specific…. or do you want a “one size fits all” landing page??

  6. Skylar

    Can I edit the design on the page? Or is that off-limits?

    • Brad Tiller

      Feel free to change the images, colours, and other decorative elements. However, the structure of the text must remain the same, and your entry will be judged solely on the copy, not the design.

      • Josh Garofalo

        Hmm… didn’t know colours and images could be changed. It sounded like the design was to stay constant so that the only difference between landing pages was the thing being judged – the copy.

        While the judges may judge on the copy alone, it’s impossible to guarantee the public does the same. Anyone popping in to place a vote could see nine pages that look identical and one that stands out because of changes to the design. Obviously, they’ll be drawn to the unique page.

        Ah well!

        • Nelson Caldwell

          Agreed 100%, Josh. My understanding was that nothing was to be changed other than copy. Hope that’s taken into account, but it’s out of our hands now…!

  7. Jess


    I’m excited to enter this contest! But for some reason, I’ve been unable to obtain the contest details…