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    You’ve been designing and building landing pages for a while now.

    You may even create landing pages for clients.

    You’ve seen the benefits of landing pages first-hand, and cringe at the thought of sending PPC traffic to a homepage.

    You pride yourself on creating pages that are both beautiful and delightful… a recipe for campaign success.

    Micheal Phelps gold medal
    If landing page building was an Olympic sport, you’d be Michael Phelps. Image via Giphy.

    But then, unexpectedly, you’re hit with a massive wave of landing page creative block. It’s a thing, and it can happen to anyone.

    Creative block creeps up when you’ve got all the tools to build a massively high-converting landing page, but the juices just aren’t flowing. And without those creative juices, your landing page could end up feeling stuffy and robotic.

    Fear not, friends, there’s an easy cure for landing page creative block. Simply follow my two-step process and you’ll be pumping out beautiful, high-converting pages in no time.

    Step 1: De-stress

    Here are a few ideas:

    • Take several deep breaths.
    • Try this guided meditation.
    • Go for a quick walk around the office.
    • Watch this video.

    Step 2: Download our FREE 2016 Spring Lookbook

    Featuring 10 sensational real-life landing pages spanning multiple industries, the 2016 Spring Lookbook is sure to inspire you and get those creative juices flowing.

    Feeling a little uninspired?

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    Amy Wood is a writer and editor at Unbounce. She previously worked as an editor at a nationally published health and wellness magazine, where she learned about the benefits of vitamin D and em-dashes. She enjoys eating tacos, reading graphic novels and binge-watching tv series on Netflix. But mostly eating tacos. Find her on Twitter: @phoenixorflame
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    • Hey Amy..
      At first thanks for sharing. But where i can download?.

      • Amanda Durepos

        Hey Nessa, it seems that our download is being intercepted by pop-up blockers. I’m going to email you the lookbook while our team looks into the problem. :)

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        Sorry about that! We’re looking into the issue — I’ve emailed it to you in the meantime.

    • Just confirming that nothing is received once the form is filled out.

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        Really sorry about that Sharon, I’ve emailed you the lookbook while we squash this bug.

    • Would love to get a look at these, but it appears that the form submission is not functioning properly. Also, the drop-down menu options appear in white text and are only viewable when you scroll over them (Chrome browser). Could someone from your team email me the 2016 Spring Lookbook? Thanks!

      • Amanda Durepos

        Thanks so much Charissa — we’re going to look into all of that. I just emailed you the lookbook :)

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    • Hi Amanda, I can not download either. I would like to print out your lookbook so people can take a look. Tq

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        We’re still working on it, sorry about that. Emailed :)

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    • Can you email it to me too please ;)

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        Hi, Duncan! Sorry about that. Working on the issue now. In the meantime, I’ve emailed you the Lookbook.

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    • Same issue as everyone else. Please email it to me as well. Thanks.

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    • Same can you email

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    • same here … – download not working …

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    • Many thanks. This is very useful. It’s just so important to have a good landing page! Seems like a lot of people forget about this.

    • Hi! I filled the form and didn’t receive the lookbook.

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        Hi, Lorena! I’ve sent you the Lookbook directly. Cheers :)

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      Thank you & kind regards.

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        Hi, Ken! I tried emailing you the lookbook but my email bounced back. Can you confirm your info with me? Feel free to email me at amy.wood(at)unbounce.com.

    • Please email me the Lookbook too, thanks

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    • You have given all the information about blog commenting in very simple word. Any one can learn easily from this. Thanks for sharing


    • Yup… add me to the “need lookbook” list. And maybe let us know what went wrong so we can avoid having the same problems with our marketing offers!

      • Amy Wood

        Hi, Teena! I’ve emailed the lookbook to you directly. We did sort out the initial issue; however, seems a few peeps are still having trouble (potentially due to caching and/or ad blockers). Consider this a one-off, but we’ll def keep an eye on this for future posts. Thanks for your patience :)

    • same as above happened to me, no email or direct download happened. Thanks!

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    • Marko


    • Well, these are some really nice ones… Thanks for sharing some beautiful design ideas.

    • Had a quick look at this on my iPad, it looks awesome! Very easy to use and simple. The building tools look clean, and it’s definitely a service that a lot of people are looking for, I’d definitely use it! I’m really excited about this. Good work

    • Dan

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    • Those examples of landing pages are amazing, thanks!

    • Awesome.. thank you for sharing , i was doing some research about landing pages and i fond also this one interesting

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    • Download is not working. :(

    • Thank you so much Amy for bringing this to us! I am sure it will be really helpful to me as well as some of my friends of the same industry! In the mean while can email me the same as I am unable to download? A good landing page is clear, concise and holds the hands of visitors to set points. A poor landing page is an unappealing information overload. Keep up the good work! Cheers and thanks once again on behalf of http://www.artworkabode.com team!

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    • Always looking for a good landing page design! Thank you very much.

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      I still have to do a fan page and website and more… it is a bit hectic for me..