23 *Slam Dunk* Landing Page Posts You Shouldn’t Miss

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Michael Jordan would be proud: Here are “23” new articles to keep your iPad full and your mind on marketing 24/7 (hey, it’s only fair – that’s what we do). If you read all of these, please feel free to do a celebratory dunk before leaving a comment to let us know what you think.

We’ll be covering:

Landing Page Design

1. Landing Page Optimization 101 – 5 Quick Tips for Smarter LP Design

Quick is good. Less is good. Time-saving is good. Make design smarter, not harder.

2. 30 Useful Landing Page Templates

For when you feel like you’ve reached a design dead end, here is some inspiration to recharge your momentum.

3. Best Landing Page Designs: Codecademy

Codecademy is a platform that teaches people technical skills. They also have an awesome landing page that gets people interacting immediately. Here’s why blogger Katherine Leonard thinks that their landing page design rocks: minimal layout, instant coaching, and a template that inspires users to jump right in and get started.

4. Best Landing Page Designs: Airbnb

Airbnb balances graphical robustness with a community look and feel. Rather than barraging visitors with complicated details about its business model, the company gets right to the point of what the user ultimately needs: “find a place to stay.”

5. Why a Misunderstanding of Art Can Kill Your Conversion Rate

Your landing page probably doesn’t deserve a spot in a museum, but it is still a work of art that balances form with function.

6. Modern Design Trends for Landing Pages

If you’re launching a new product, make sure that you have a beautiful landing page to support it and keep your visitors interested. Here are some elegant design trends worth studying.

7. 11 Quick Tips for a Better Landing Page

Spoiler alert: this read will literally take you 30 seconds. That’s the best part.

8. 4 Ways Your Website Can Hurt Your Sales and How to Fix Them

Your landing page gets traffic, but people aren’t converting. What’s wrong? Reading this post might help you figure it out.

9. What Landing Page Optimization Tactics Have Worked for You?

This LinkedIn discussion features seven stellar answers. Feel free to contribute your own.

10. 18 Landing Page Optimization Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic is a reminder of a game that we all know and love (hint: it’s Monopoly).

11. Why “The Fold” Is A Myth – And Where to Actually Put Your Calls to Action

Traditional web design will teach you to always put CTAs above the fold, but what if that principle is a total myth? Can a bottom-page CTA actually convert…better?

12. 5 Tips to Create More Effective Landing Pages – and Improve Conversions by 75%

A marketer is only as good as her landing page. If your traffic isn’t converting, here are the 5 most common reasons why.

13. Basic Landing Page Design Tips

The key to creating the perfect landing page? That one’s obvious: be obvious.

Mobile Landing Pages

14. Mobile Landing Page Optimization – 10 Best Practices for Success

Mobile is a tough code to crack, but once you’re ready to go, your strategy is only as good as your landing page. Here’s what you need to take your customer engagement to the small screen.

15. 3 Steps to Better Mobile Landing Pages for Tablets & Readers

Wondering whether a mobile strategy is necessary for your brand? According to Erik Bortzfield at Ion Interactive, the rise of tablets and e-readers make mobile landing page design an absolute must.

16. 5 Tips: Create Mobile Friendly Landing Pages

In a nutshell, you need to focus on leveraging user friendly technology. Focus on speed, avoid flash, and make sure that people can scroll through information with ease.

17. Mobile Conversion Optimization: B2B Marketing’s Gold Mine

Have you optimized your website for mobile yet? Here’s how to give your visitors a great user experience.

18. How to Write Great Mobile Ad Copy

We talk about UX so much that we sometimes forget about our text. Keep it short, make your calls to action prominent, and make your brand known.

19. 5 Tips for Engaging Your Tablet Audience

If you’ve ever thought about putting video on your landing page, now is definitely the time to try.


I hate using that word, but these ones are a bit of a mix and didn’t really need their own sections.

20. The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Landing Page Copy that Sticks

Sure, you’re getting conversions, but you could be doing better. Here’s how to write copy that really hooks people and reels them in.

21. What Are the Best Viral Landing Pages?

This Quora discussion covers the psychology behind some of the most talked about landing pages on the web.

22. 5 Tips for Landing Page Optimization Success from Tim Ash

Have questions? Well you’re in luck because Tim Ash has answers. Read what he has to say about top mistakes, copy length, and how to emphasize your CTAs the right way.

23. How to Double Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

Pete Kennedy’s advice? “Dumb it down.” Dumb advice or awesome advice?

So now you’re prepped to improve your landing pages – and get ready for some exciting template updates coming from the Unbounce crew soon that’ll make it even easier.

— Ritika Puri

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