Don’t Bother Using Video on Your Landing Page Unless You’re Doing These 5 Things

They each saw the success of Red Bull and Old Spice and thought to themselves, “Well, wouldn’t that be nice?” Source: Tale of Two Marketers.

You might be making cool videos, but if you’re like the majority of marketers, your cool content may have fizzled out and collected some internet dust – all without getting any clear metrics on your ROI.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to release a video and feel like a total boss, but you’ll come down pretty fast from your marketer’s high when you realize that you had no real objectives for your video beyond brand awareness.

Luckily, there is a way to use video to increase qualified leads in your sales pipeline and prove ROI. The trick to making your videos count is to build purposeful, measurable assets rather than random bursts of video action.

With our latest campaign, the Tale of Two Marketers, we wanted to showcase the two kinds of outlooks people seem to have about video. We did this using a video storybook featuring two cartoon personas: Post-and-Pray Pete and Strategic Sue.

As you press play, the storybook springs to life and you learn more about the cartoon marketers. However, in a twist ending, it turns out that Strategic Sue isn’t just a pipe dream of a marketer… she’s real. Her name is Bhaji Illuminati and you can download a case study featuring her awesome tactics if you fill out the contact form. Pretty neat, right?

The best part is that this campaign – which was all about getting people to download the case study – converted at 33%! Not bad for the sort of content that would normally be left ungated and unmeasured.

Here are some steps you can take to make sure your next video marketing campaign drives real conversions.

1. Connect your video to one direct action

With video marketing, one of the most important factors to consider is what you want your content to accomplish.

Before writing your script, determine exactly what you want your target audience to do after watching your video.

In the case of our campaign, we tied the entire thing to the release of our case study. This contributed to the whimsical twist ending and made the video lead to an end goal.

We could ultimately evaluate the success of the campaign based on how many people followed through with downloading the case study. As a bonus, the video acted as a free piece of content to get prospects to give over their info in exchange for watching the video. Lead generation FTW.

Here’s the CTA that appears at the end of the video:

Conversion: Tale of Two Marketers CTA
Image via Vidyard.

Remember: Only use one clear CTA, mapped to the goals of your video.

Need some more inspiration? Here are six more examples of post-video CTAs.

2. Tell an engaging, emotion-driven story

When you look around at top brands these days, everyone is becoming a storyteller. From Coca-Cola to Chipotle and Vodafone, brands are crafting online masterpieces around broad themes like happiness and community.

Video magic starts when you elicit an emotional response with your content to drive a specific action, such as filling out a form or signing up for a demo. Good storytelling will jumpstart the emotions that lead to action.

Laughter, fear, excitement and greed are all great motivators.

Let’s say you choose to evoke anxiety to drive action. Your video might be about a software add-on your prospect doesn’t have. The protagonist is panicked upon realizing, “Oh no! I’m missing this critical feature! My competitors will crush me!”.

Using the pain points of your audience, you can get viewers to take action – in this case, by signing up for a demo.

Take a look at how Adobe stirs up this kind of anxiety in their video, Click Baby Click:

By cleverly asking, “Do you know what your marketing is doing?” the brand forces you to consider your own strategy. The emotion you’re left with (anxiety eased by clever comedy) can drive you to check out their solution.

When planning your video, always start by identifying the feeling you want your audience to walk away with and how your story will create that emotional response.

3. Track meaningful metrics

Over 70% of marketers were unable to deliver on quantifiable results in 2013, so this year it’s time to get trackin’. After connecting your video to clear goals, look to video analytics to understand your performance.

We found that within four weeks, the Tale of Two Marketers had over 2000 unique views and that viewers typically spent just over four minutes on the landing page.

The video click-through rate (the percentage of those who landed on the page and clicked through to watch the video) was a strong 78%. Moreover, the piece holds 73% of our target audience right to the very end. The x axis on the graph below is the duration of the video and the y axis is the percentage of audience watching.

Conversion: Attention Span Graph
73% of Vidyard’s audience watched the video until the end.

With a connection to our marketing automation platform, we were also able to see the overall “completed view to lead” conversion rate was 33%. For a case study that would normally be left ungated, the fact that we were able to use video to convert 33% of viewers is a huge win.

By using a daily dashboard to report on our metrics, we could determine when organic reach was maxed out and whether/when the campaign warranted some paid promotion.

Once we noticed we’d hit our peak for organic views, we looked into other promotional channels including paid media in outlets targeting our niche audience.

Next time you’re about to release a video, make sure you’re tracking:

  • Average time spent on your dedicated landing page
  • The click-through rate on the landing page
  • The video’s attention span rate (what percentage of viewers watch all the way through and when do viewers drop off?)
  • The percentage of those who follow through with your call to action.

All of these metrics indicate whether your video was a hit. Marketers connecting videos to Salesforce can even use automated reports to discover ROI generated per video asset!

4. Make your video player the star

When embedding video on your landing page, it’s important to consider visual impact. If you’ve built out a whole video story, you’ll definitely want a dedicated campaign landing page.

On the landing page, you can feature related text-based assets (like your related ebooks and white papers) and a social component – maybe a hashtag to start a conversation around your campaign’s message – but always showcase your video as the star.

Our video was front and center (we used a bigger player ratio for maximum impact) and the CTA was super clear: “Download the case study.” The CTA also existed outside of the video player so that even if you didn’t get to the end to see the “real” Strategic Sue, you’d still have the option to take action.

5. Reach out to those who engaged

Finally, you’ll want to organize timely follow-up with those who engaged with your CTA. You can set triggers in your marketing automation or CRM system to notify you of various actions that your leads take, such as watching a certain percentage of your video.

Additionally, you can set triggers to send a lead directly to sales, or even send automated emails encouraging engaged leads to view more related content, connect with you on social channels and more.

You can read up on this type of targeted follow-up here.

Video marketing doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. If you find you’re always discussing a certain customer pain point, or using the same pitch to describe your product or services, scale your message with a memorable video story.

And don’t forget to track your success with meaningful metrics.

— Jennifer Pepper

About Jennifer Pepper
Jennifer Pepper is the former Director of Content Marketing at Unbounce. One day she wants to direct the ads you skip on YouTube. Follow her on Twitter @PeppersWrite.
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  1. Azizul Yusof

    I think my landing page here needs some modification.

    Especially the video, need a better version.

    What do you think?

    • Kevin Marheine

      Jennifer – Great write up! I think a lot of times we as marketers get so caught up in creating ‘viral’ content that we often overlook how to best utilize the content we already have. Views are great, but at the end of the day you’ll need something more tangible to show the value of your work.

      Azizul – Overall, I think your landing page is done well. The landing page does a good job of showcasing your video and I enjoyed your video. I do have a couple of recommendations though:

      Add a voice over to your video – The video has relevant content and entertaining animations, but I think that by adding a voice over to the video would make it resinate more with viewers than just the text.

      Review the copy on the landing page – While the video is most certainly the star of the landing page, I recommend reviewing the copy on the landing page. Animation Video Service seems awkwardly worded, at least in my opinion. A good alternative would be ‘animated video production’. I would also recommend revisiting the ‘Why your business need an animation video’. Starting the first three bullet points with ‘Our brain’ doesn’t seem as effective as say: 1. Trust – (short blurb about how we trust cartoons) 2. Improved Communication – (short blurb about how animated videos help viewers understand content) 3. Brand Recognition – (short blurb about how animated videos help you stand out from the crowd and help viewers remember your brand)

      • Azizul Yusof

        Hi Kevin,

        Thanks for your review and those great suggestions, really appreciated it.

        I definitely will take your suggestions into a serious consideration when i redo the page later.

        To tell you the truth, i am not that satisfied with the page, done it with a limited time that i had and as an experiment to learn to.

        Will put more time and effort with the newer version.

        Again, thanks. That was the best and the most sincere feedback i got so far (been asking opinion from others for couple of months)

  2. Jennifer

    Hi Azizul and Kevin,

    Thanks for checking out the post! I’m glad you guys liked it :)

    Azizul, in terms of your landing page, the video is cool, but I’d agree with Kevin about adding an engaging voice over instead of relying on viewers to read all the text. Additionally, a progress bar on a video is always pretty important. Not only does it allow viewers to skip or re-watch parts of content they missed or particularly enjoy, but it indicates how much time viewers are expected to spend with the asset (and without an understanding of how long the video is, viewers could bounce quicker).

    I’d also recommend, similar to Kevin, that you review the copy on the landing page and in the video to determine the strongest way to present certain concepts. Having an editor review the copy could be a good bet for inconsistencies or minor grammar errors.

    Overall, I liked that your video had a clear CTA, to visit your website and fill out the end-of-video contact form. It’s a good idea to include your CTA above the fold on the landing page so that even if viewers don’t make it to the end of the video, they still have a chance to convert.

    Nice work!

    • Azizul Yusof

      Hi Jeniffer,

      Thanks for your suggestions.

      I’ll add your suggestions on the progress bar and the above the fold CTA together with Kevin’s suggestion into my to do list for landing Page.

      Thanks again

      Note: i think most of us agrees that creating a great copy is the hardest thing to do, for me that is the biggest challenge.

      And i am seriously learning copywriting skills as we speak LOL

  3. Chery Schmidt

    Hello Jennifer, I really liked how you explained to have a call to action before putting the video together, what do you want the people who watch the video to do? Of course this is the reason for making the video in the first place Correct?

    I also think it is important to track your visitors as well as connect with the ones who are talking about it.. Miss this one and you miss the sale..

    Video Marketing on your landing pages will Rock with these tips.. Great Share.. Chery :))

    P.S. I did end up on your blog VIA Kingged

  4. Jason

    We’re about to start making a lot of marketing videos. We use SFDC and we’re marketing/SEO savvy. I’m wondering if you can work with us and base pricing on the ROI from the work you do?

    • Jennifer

      Hi Jason,

      Glad to hear you’re starting with video marketing! It’s really powerful and there’s plenty you can do to ensure you get results. That said, we integrate with SFDC (, and I’m sure our team can work with you based on the amount of video you’ve got. As a bonus, we’ve got a customer success team ready to walk you through how to make sure you’re meeting your goals with analytics (with great tips for modifying your content based on what’s working and what’s not!).
      We’d love to hear from you!

  5. Amy

    Azizul, with regards to your current landing page, the particular video clip can be trendy, however I’d believe Kevin concerning adding an getting voice over as an alternative to counting on audiences you just read the many textual content. Moreover, the development club using a video clip is obviously very crucial. Not only will it allow audiences for you to omit or maybe re-watch aspects of information that they skipped or maybe specially delight in, however it implies the amount occasion audiences are anticipated to pay using the asset (and lacking perception of the length of time the particular video clip can be, audiences might bounce quicker).

  6. David

    Don’t forget to mention – include a transcript of your video to get SEO benefits and allow people to find it!

  7. Sandeep Rao

    Definitely its a great idea to put some video on your landing page. moreover, I have found full width videos on home pages of many websites (specially education related), and I must say, those videos really well player in keeping visitors stick to your site. Although, it depends on the value inside the video.

    I think, the thumbnail snapshot for your video makes visitors to decide whether to watch it or not. Although, you can make it auto start too, so that when your page loads, you will be offering something really interactive and valuable through video. And that is the best thing, communicating your readers with real voice, although one sided in this case.

    Thanks for igniting the idea. Now, I got it why those educational institutions have placed introductory videos on home page with full page width.
    Thanks for sharing it on

  8. Gidi Ben Dor

    thanks for the tips, i really enjoy it and will do it :-)

  9. Fabiola Martinez

    Thanks for this article Jennifer! I totally agree with you, if your not making your video the start and aren’t tracking the results, what’s the point?

    “A Tail of 2 Marketers” video is the perfect example and Taulia’s results are amazing.

  10. doyleRiot

    Love the part about the form at the end to download the case study. Super effective use of the video player features.