The Ultimate Guide to Running a Holiday Email Campaign [Free Ebook]


In 2014, 35% of holiday shoppers relied on promotional emails to keep track of all the sweet deals. Can your customers count on you to keep them informed? And when your customers do open and click your emails, are you sending them to the right place?

Eliminate the guesswork with The Ultimate Holiday Email Marketing + Landing Page Guide, a free ebook written by Unbounce and the email experts at Campaign Monitor. It’s packed with the essential advice for running a delightful – and delightfully-successful – holiday marketing campaign.

In this free ebook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Write subject lines that cut through the holiday chaos and make your message heard
  • Deliver personalized recommendations that encourage additional purchases
  • Craft high-converting landing pages for every single campaign
  • Ensure your content looks perfect on any device of any size

At 27 pages, you can finish reading it in the morning, plan your campaign in the afternoon, and reward yourself with some hot cocoa at night. (I recommend a dash of cayenne.)

About Brad Tiller
Brad’s a former writer at Unbounce, with a marketing background encompassing everything from community management to lead generation. He's obsessed with the little touches that take marketing campaigns from so-so to stellar. Find him on Twitter: @bradtiller
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  1. Stephanie Saretsky

    The holidays are fast approaching so this is perfect timing for holiday brainstorming! Can’t wait to read this ebook with my cayenne spiked hot chocolate.

  2. Rajesh Phatak

    Hi There,

    Can’t wait more to see this e-book. I like to read it as soon as possible. This is the best idea to grab more customers on this holiday seasons.

  3. Pihu Patil

    Hey I am little late to read this blog. However i would definitely read this to help me with planning for email campaigns for next holidays.