Would You Rather? The Marketing Edition

Would You Rather? is a popular party game amongst college students. You’ve probably played it before: someone asks you to pick between two terrible things, and you pick one, and then everyone laughs at you for your decision.

Good news! You’re an adult now. And a marketer, at that. You’re used to making uncomfortable decisions literally all of the time. You might sigh whenever you get hit with an exit overlay, but damned if your conversions don’t go up when you use them on your own site!

It could be worse, though — just leave it to us to show you.

We came up with some situations where picking the lesser of two evils was a pretty torturous task. Then we asked our audience which brain-busting marketing scenario they’d choose.

Here were the results:


Which situation sounds the worst to you? Let us know in the comments!

— Brad Tiller


About Brad Tiller
Brad’s a former writer at Unbounce, with a marketing background encompassing everything from community management to lead generation. He's obsessed with the little touches that take marketing campaigns from so-so to stellar. Find him on Twitter: @bradtiller
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  1. Stephanie Saretsky

    I’m surprised at how many people would rather work with their enemy than with dial-up… I guess dial-up is the true nemesis of marketers!

  2. Michael Aldea

    Just thinking about using dial-up gives me anxiety. At this point my ISP is my office enemy so I’m stuck. Great survey and an even better way to deliver it. Thanks!

  3. Harry Lennard

    The answers to the Exit Overlay surprise me. Did anyone ever really stay on a site after seeing one of these?

    • Brad Tiller

      Well, in the case of an exit overlay, they were about to leave the site anyway. This makes them a bit more humane than those that seem to pop-up at random intervals. :’)

  4. Vikas Avnish

    good comparision. can i try for it

  5. Brittany Berger

    This is so cool! How exactly do you go about making an interactive infographic? I definitely want to try one.

    Also, I absolutely LOVE how many of us would rather work with someone we hate, than deal with dial-up for five days. :)

    • Brad Tiller

      We used Stipso.com to make this. Try it out and let us know how it goes!

      I don’t think there’s anyone on Earth I hate as much as I hate my memories of using AOL.

  6. Vanessa Ally

    Wow, awesome infographics. Anyway, I truly believe that if you love your project, there is no way it’s gonna fail. When you put your heart into what you do, you are destined to succeed.

  7. Berry Blosom

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  8. John Rowan

    The only one i really found tough was question 1. The rest were pretty straight forward especially as I’m not a coffee drinker :) Thanks for the great post

  9. Steven Boehle

    No coffee…No way! Without coffee in the morning, nothing really matters for the rest of the day.

  10. Steve

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