How Do I Improve My PPC Quality Score?

10 Quality Posts That Will Help Boost Your Quality Score
10 Posts to Score You a 10/10 On Your Quality Score (Image source)

The number one question we get over here at Unbounce is “How can I improve my PPC Quality Score?” Marketers constantly want to know how they can improve their Quality Score so their landing pages rank higher. If you have spent any time in paid search, you’ll know that Quality Score is a BIG deal and if you opened this post, you probably already realize how important it is. A higher Quality Score means better ad auction eligibility, a higher ad position and it gives you a better chance to play with the big fish who have deeper pockets. So here are 10 quality posts surrounding the ever-so popular PPC topic: Quality Score.

1. Better Quality Score = Better Results?

Post by Michael Wiegand on Portent

Does getting a higher Quality Score lead to a better conversion rate? Does it lead to better cost per acquisition? 1 study. 27 Adwords accounts. The answers to these questions may shock you.

2. Quality Score for 2013 – What Really Matters to Google

Post by Chris Gombeski on Trada

This year, the Google Adwords team has offered up some key, updated information that takes some of the mystery out of the Quality Score metric – which is why you should pay attention to this post. Because what matters to Google should matter to you. This short post will brief on the key Quality Score elements you should pay attention to.

3. How Account Quality Score Can Guide AdWords Optimization

Post by Frederick Vallaeys on Search Engine Land

Warning: this post is a bit technical for those of you who want to nerd out. It covers what account-level Quality Score is, why you should track account-level Quality Score, and gives you step-by-step instructions and the code needed to track your own account-level Quality Score. Basically, it covers the who, the why and the how.

4. How is AdWords Quality Score Calculated?

Post by MidasMedia

If you are lost in the sea of technical posts geared toward marketers who are PPC experts and want an introductory explanation of Quality Score, this post is for you. It goes over how a quality score is calculated and gives you a beginner definition of each component.

5. Revisiting the Economics of Google Quality Score: Why QS Is Up to 200% More Valuable in 2013

Post by Larry Kim on Wordstream

Question: What’s the value of Google Quality Score in 2013? Answer: A lot. Today, a quality score of 7 is rare. In fact, this post proves that today’s 5 is yesterday’s 7. As the average Quality Score decreases, the value of an above-average score is more valuable. The law of economics in action. This is a great post that should motivate you to understand and improve your Quality Score.

6. 9 Myths of Landing Page Quality Score

Post by Brad Geddes on Certified Knowledge

Welcome to this edition of Myth Busters featuring not only 1 but 9 myths! “It’s important to separate the fact from the fiction about what affects landing page quality score, and to understand what you can do to improve your landing page.” Amen Brad. Bust those landing Page quality score myths.

7. The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords Quality Score

Post by PPC Hero

Leave it up to the folks over at PPC Hero to produce the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords Quality Score. This post is broken up into four chapters and covers all the granular details you would ever want to know about Quality Score. The one section that caught my eye was Landing Page Quality Score (surprise surprise).

8. 5 Surprising Facts On Quality Score Change

Post by Kohki Yamaguchi on Marketing Land

Did you know that Quality Scores can rise or fall rapidly from day to day? Or that a significant shift in CTR can trigger a rapid change in Quality Score? Before I spoil all the fun, I’ll let you uncover more of these surprising facts.

9. Quality Score Insights From Microsoft’s Ping Jen

Post by John Gagnon on Search Engine Watch

Bing Ads vs. Google AdWords. Go! Quality Score is similar on both platforms, but not the same, so dive into this post to uncover the subtle differences. PS – did anyone pick up that Ping talked about Bing? #rhymetime.

10. A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Quality Score & Tactics for Improvement

Post by John Lynch on Search Engine Watch

Quality Score is one of the most misunderstood concepts in paid search. And we can attest to that as we always hear it being brought up when talking about payed performance. This post talkes about how to you can quickly diagnose Quality Score issues with a list of quick-fixes and some not-as-quick fixes and it also goes over 7 ways you can implement to optimize your quality score.

Do you have any more awesome resources that will help our readers improve their Quality Score? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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