How Companies Are Falling Short at Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s not enough to just jump into social media because everyone else is doing it. Like my mother always said, “If you’re going to do something, you better do it right.

While many brands are dominating social media marketing, others fall short. Not for lack of posting. Not for lack of dollars spent. But because they’re just not doing it right.

Fear not, though, for the folks at Socially Aware have made a supremely helpful infographic that not only identifies social media marketing trends, but also highlights where most companies fall short, and how they can do better.

Don’t be that company. Don’t let your social media dollars go to waste. And for goodness’ sake, don’t chew with your mouth open!


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Amy Wood is a former writer and editor at Unbounce. She previously worked as an editor at a nationally published health and wellness magazine, where she learned about the benefits of vitamin D and em-dashes. She enjoys eating tacos, reading graphic novels and binge-watching tv series on Netflix. But mostly eating tacos. Find her on Twitter: @phoenixorflame
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  1. Louis Lh

    For big businesses I believe it should be find when they’re falling at Social Media, but for those businesses just starting and failling at social media that will be a bigger problem. Love the infographic, thanks.

  2. Gary Haffer

    The biggest problem for most businesses is that do not see a return on their investment from social media like they do from other forms of advertising. Consequently, they do not embrace it in their business. The more cases showing that it works demonstrating social media effect on their business, the more it will be adopted.

  3. MargeEm

    What about unlikes on Facebook? How do you avoid that?

  4. Charlie Ford

    It’s true that many businesses aren’t using social media to the max, but I’m not sure where Socially Aware pairs that with building a mobile app. Just building an app doesn’t guarantee success. With the rush to build so many apps, they get dumped ASAP by consumers (I do it, too) and are useless except in a few circumstances.

    What’s worse is that companies will choose to build an app instead of making their website mobile responsive.

    The two don’t belong together on this infographic, and are separate issues.

    Note that the infographic doesn’t discuss consumer engagement with the app. (the often poorly-designed, buggy app that just takes up space). Designing and launching an app isn’t a mark of success, it’s a risk that most businesses don’t need to take.

    • Amy Wood

      This is a great point, Charlie. Creating an app is a huge investment, and requires a ton of developer time not only to build it, but optimize, de-bug, etc. While many companies do have success with their apps, you’re right, it might not be the best option for the other 98%. Cheers!

  5. gladiatore

    Thanks to share one quality and helpful article. I think social media marketing is most important for your business and marketing. But I think now people Don’t like to read one good and long article. that’s why video advertising is a most powerful and effective way to promote your business. whiteboard video advertising is 200% effective than any kind of video advertisement.

  6. NBA Fan

    It’s crazy that most companies can overlook such glaring things when it comes to social.

    To be fair, I’m not sure that an app is so important for every company, esp if there is no real use for it. Not every business/service needs an app.

    Nice infographic btw

    • Slawek

      You’re absolutely right – not every company needs an app. Especially if it doesn’t bring anything of value to the customer. Think about it, how many ‘brand’ apps do you have on your smartphone now?

      If you’re anything like me, it’s one or two. Most of those apps are either simply not useful or are so terribly made that it’s a pain to have them.

      I think the lesson here is to focus on finding out whether your company has an opportunity to create an app that is simply good and brings something interesting to the users.

      Best wishes,

      • Amy Wood

        Great point, Sławek, and I agree. An app might not be the best choice for all companies, but some may have the bandwidth and budget to do it right :)

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  8. Maanikamili

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    I completely agree with you. Many people may do the same things but only those will get the results who will do it in the right manner. Thanks for the useful posts. This is your first post which I have read and in future I am going to read all your posts.

  10. awma

    yeah its obvious not any niche need social media compaigns/marketing. so it vary business to business. some businesses required emphasis on the social media marketing and some don’t.

  11. Arif

    They always become success, who try heart and soul for their business and SMM is a very good step for a company if they can do it in the right way.
    Mobile app is very important for the always updating companies but making a mobile friendly website should be the first thing for any company.
    By the way, nice post with infographic.

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    Absolutely right… Never do something because everybody doing the same but make sure that whatever you are going to do will be effective and better than others… Great post, Appreciated !

  16. daniel

    I totally agree with the research,most of them end up misrepresenting themselves and their products thus failing to achieve their objectives.

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  18. Ethnico

    It would seem a little odd to bring an intangible point to an infographic post. But the fact is that companies and products that embace social media and the mobile medium have to internalize it. IT can’t be done successfully if it looks or seems like something they have to do. And that’s the problem we see here, companies so engrossed in their product and what happens inside it, that they forget they are part of a larger eco system that needs to be engaged with, not when one needs it, but always.

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  20. kiran

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  22. Vayam

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  23. Ameer Ahmad

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  27. Jessy

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