How To Create Perfect Posts [INFOGRAPHIC]

You know when you bite off more than you can chew, and then bashfully google, “How to do social media?” when no one is around?

Yeah, me neither…

But seriously, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a wary beginner, managing your business’s social media can be a huge challenge. And while it was common to publish the same message on all your social platforms, that type of blanket social media strategy just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. (You wouldn’t text your boss, “Sup, bae?” so why would you holler at your Twitter followers the same way you address your LinkedIn connections?)

Thankfully the folks at myclever Agency have put together the most epic guide to creating the perfect post for any social media platform. Whether your business is active on Facebook, Pinterest or even Vine, myclever Agency has compiled best practices for every type of social post. Plus, if you hadn’t noticed, this is their fifth iteration of the infographic… and it’s only gotten better with time.

Save it, pin it, even print it — I guarantee you’re gonna want to reference this later.

perfect post infographic

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  5. Bharat

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  6. sam

    Amy – I am curious on the difference between posting and publishing on Linked In? When and how often should you publish (vs posting)?

    • Amy Wood

      Great question, Sam! Posting on LinkedIn is generally done to share another person’s/organization’s post/link (like on Facebook). Publishing would be to publish your own post/article (it’s a publishing platform much like WordPress). If you’re interested in publishing on LinkedIn, I’d suggest checking this HubSpot guide out ( As for frequency, well that all depends on your bandwidth and whether or not your posts are achieving their goals. Does this help?

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    • Amy Wood

      Hi, Pratik! I’m going to run your question by our SEO Manager to see if he has some insights for you. Hang tight!

    • Cody Campbell

      Hey Pratik, My name is Cody and I’m the SEO Manager here at Unbounce.

      It looks like you’re going after some fairly competitive keywords. One of the main reasons your content is having trouble ranking is because your site doesn’t have a lot of authority. In other words, you need to gain backlinks from high quality sites.

      Without improving your domain authority, it will be difficult to rank in such a competitive landscape. Whenever this is the case, I always recommend digging deeper and targeting a narrower niche with your content. Last but not least, the most important piece of advice is to put the time into building relationships with people in the market. Once you’ve done that, there will be opportunities to co-promote and support each other for mutual benefit.

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    This was so helpful as it has curated everything in a single post or you can say in single picture. I believe that one can surely open the gateway of traffic from social media if he understands what kind of post is best for a specific social media platform. :)

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    hi admin,

    How can i get a .png/ .jpg version of this infographic? Thank You

  14. Ahmet

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  15. Corey Zeimen

    The bottom part of the infographic that references ideal post times is spot on. If you want a lower CPC on your Facebook ads, don’t do mornings or late evenings and day part out your campaigns. Also, comment on those sponsored posts in the newsfeed to really ratchet up the ROI.

  16. Tanya Thakur

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    • Amy Wood

      Hi there! Embed code can be find right below the infographic. Cheers!

      • Joli

        Hey Amy –
        When I copy pasted your embed code, the left quotes were facing the wrong way, and the size constraints were wrong – the inforgraphic was all squished. I fixed it to post it, but a less savvy person might just give up, so I thought you should know!

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