15 Marketing Twitters That Won’t Kill Your Feed (or Your Soul)

There’s a lot of great marketing content on Twitter, but sometimes it can all be a bit… much. Especially when people are only tweeting links to their own articles and other mindless marketing drivel that sounds like it was written by an algorithm.

It seems like such a ridiculous thing to be nostalgic for, but it’s refreshing to be scrolling through Twitter and find a tweet that actually reads like it was written by a human.

Breathe some life into your Twitter feed. Image by Rick Nunn via Flickr.

So here’s 15 Twitter accounts that won’t just bring some marketing insight to your feed – they’ll bring humor and a much-needed human touch, too.

1. Shane Snow (@shanesnow) – Co-Founder, Contently

Contently has been changing the content marketing game ever since they appeared on the scene, treating it with a seriousness typically reserved for journalism not centered around selling products. A lot of that can likely be attributed to co-founder Shane Snow’s’s background in journalism; he’s written about technology for WIRED, Fast Company and others.

2. Rand Fishkin (@randfish) – Founder, Moz

While Rand is best known for being the genius behind the definitive SEO resource, Moz, he’s also a master marketer that frequently surfaces great content on all things digital – along with sharp insights on politics, feminism and world issues.

3. Max Temkin (@maxtemkin) – Co-Creator, Cards Against Humanity

A graphic designer by trade who broke into the world of game design with the modest launch of a card game on Kickstarter: Cards Against Humanity, now the best-selling game on Amazon. Max tweets a lot of jokes, but also genuine insights on design (like this piece on rapid prototyping) and the case studies of their various, bizarre Black Friday campaigns.

4. Kristen Craft (@thecrafty) – Director of Business Development, Wistia

Video marketing isn’t just about creating great content; it’s about nurturing the community around that content. Fittingly, as director of business development at the world’s foremost video marketing platform, Kristen shares tons of great tweets around the importance of community in B2B marketing.

5. Drunk PPC Girl (@drunkppcgirl) – Drunk PPC Girl, Drunk PPC Girl

Drunk PPC girl. ‘Nuff said.

6. Larry Kim (@larrykim) – Founder, WordStream

More than just a master of pay-per-click marketing, Larry Kim tweets the best of everything digital marketing, often tweeting upwards of fifty times a day. But unlike plenty of other Twitter accounts, it never comes across as spammy. Plus, Larry frequently adds his own commentary to what he links, typically laden with emoji. ?

7. Denny’s Diner (@DennysDiner)

Okay, bear with me. Denny’s official Twitter account engages in a subversive, extremely bizarre form of humor that is seemingly only tangentially related to what Denny’s actually sells. But that’s all part of agency Erwin Penland’s mission: “We want people to love the brand and to make them hungry.” You be the judge:

Do you love? Are you hungry?

8. AdWeak (@adweak)

AdWeak is, according to its own bio, “The world’s leading source for fake marketing news.” They publish scathing tweets multiple times per day, about agencies (and their clients), social media marketing and #content.

9. Jonathon Colman (@jcolman) – UX + Content Strategy, Facebook

If you’re handling user experience and content strategy for a service with over a billion monthly active users, you’re probably pretty great at both. Jonathon Colman of Facebook tweets great thoughts on product design, technology and how great Seattle is. (It’s pretty great!)

10. Nathalie Nahai (@NathalieNahai), web psychologist

Nathalie tweets plenty about applying a scientific approach to how we handle day-to-day situations – like Christmas shopping – but also on how data can lead us down the wrong road. In her talk at Call to Action Conference, she spoke on how deceitful design practices known as “dark patterns” are actually eroding trust between businesses and customers.

11. Talia Wolf (@taliagw) – Founder, Conversioner

As one of the world’s foremost experts on emotional targeting in conversion optimization, Talia is all about finding out what makes consumers tick. And her Twitter account will bring you one step closer to finding out, too.

12. Luke Wroblewski (@lukew) – Photos & Streams Product Director, Google

A product design expert with over 20 years of experience, along with nearly over 2,000 articles and 3 books to his name, Luke is the user experience expert you want in your feed. Most of his tweets are self-authored and full of genuine insight, particularly in the world of mobile design.

13. Jimmy Daly (@jimmy_daly) – Editor, Vero

Jimmy Daly is the editor over at Vero – but he also writes The Swipe File, a weekly newsletter that blends marketing inspiration with life inspiration. Follow for wisdom on content and email marketing, copywriting… and general tips on how to chill out.

14. Joanna Wiebe (@copyhackers) – Founder, CopyHackers

When it comes to copywriting for conversion, there’s perhaps no one with the breadth of knowledge of Joanna Wiebe. Follow her for a pretty much near-constant stream of writing wisdom and learn how to inject some personality into your copy without killing your conversions.

15. Bored Elon Musk (@BoredElonMusk)

Bored Elon Musk is a “futuristic hyper-parody” account that explores what Tesla and Space-X mastermind Elon Musk might invent in his downtime.

Out with the old and in with the new

The holidays are a perfect time to audit your Twitter account to find tweeters who are just not adding value to your feed.


So get rid of some of the dead weight to make room for a lil’ delight.

Over to you. Whether they’re educational, interesting, or both, who are your top-tier Twitter followers? Let us know in the comments!

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