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3 Landing Page Optimization Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make (Because I Already Made Them)

We all make mistakes. But they don’t usually result in a 30% drop in conversions. Check out these stories of basic landing page optimization mistakes so they don’t happen to you.

Get Prospects to Say “Yes” With This Simple Landing Page Copy Hack

Copywriting is all about sweating the small stuff. Here’s a dead simple landing page copy hack that can increase your conversions by at least 15%

How to Formulate A Smart A/B Test Hypothesis (and Why They’re Crucial)

Smart marketers know that the key to conversion is to test, test, test. But you need to start with a solid A/B test hypothesis that identifies a problem and a potential solution.

Small Changes That Have a BIG Impact on Increasing Conversion Rates

Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. Here’s how to increase conversion rates by as much as 65% by making a few simple tweaks.

[Case Studies] How Failed A/B Tests Can Increase Conversion Rates

What if your A/B test generates a negative result and decreases your conversions? Fear not, dear marketer. Negative A/B tests can teach you just as much as positive ones – and here are some case studies to prove it.

5 Landing Page Headline Formulas Tested

Writing a high-converting landing page headline can be difficult. Why force yourself to write headlines from scratch when you’ve got 5 headline formulas and 3 case studies to prove which ones work best.

How To Design Call to Action Buttons That Convert

The design and copy of your call to action buttons has a significant impact on your conversion rates. Read about our case studies and experiments to learn how you can change yours to be more effective.

A Simple A/B Test that Generated a 31.54% Lift in Sign-ups [Case Study]

Get a deeper understanding of what goes into conducting a valuable A/B test providing you with both insights and lifts. In this case a 31.54% lift in conversions by adjusting the copy on a signup form.

Landing Page Design – Why Purpose Trumps Pretty

If you want to create a high-converting landing page, you need to start by defining your goals. Pretty is awesome, but purpose is better. Or is it? Let’s find out…

Your Landing Page Needs You! 4 Techniques to Develop a Real Test Hypothesis

Make your A/B testing choices more informed using 4 smart techniques about finding out what to test, once you’ve identified which pages need work. Learn why in LPO it’s smart to ask the what, why, and how – in that order.

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