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Can This Crazy Design Hack Help Make Your Landing Page Convert?

How do you make sure your audience likes your landing page design? Find out what they “Like” on Facebook! That’s just the first step in this crazy/brilliant landing page design hack.

Why You Should Focus On Clicks Before Conversions

Content marketing is a long game and the first step in driving conversions through content is getting clicks to your blog, newsletter or other platform. Here are some data-based tips for how to do that.

An Open Letter to Content Marketers: You’re Missing the Goal

Content without a goal is art, not marketing. We break down the four metrics you should use to validate your content marketing – shares, comments, leads and sales.

5 Ways to Create A Better Content Strategy in 2014

With the new year around the corner, make it a resolution to get off auto-pilot and actually plan your content strategically. Here’s a 5-step guide for content marketers to step up their game in 2014.

What Every A/B Testing Conversation With Your Boss is Missing

Alright boss, we need to have a talk. What if I told you we could implement these A/B testing tactics on our landing pages without risking new leads or acquisition?

[How To] Demonstrate the Value of Landing Pages Like a Boss

5 steps that will help you convince your boss that implementing & improving your landing page strategy is not just a great idea, but if done to scale, can result in massive revenue boosts for the company.

99.99% of Guest Bloggers Don’t Do This & It Kills Their Conversions

Are you using guest posting as a blog marketing strategy? Increase the effectiveness of your next guest post with a targeted, landing Page.

Testing Your Blog Design to Increase Conversions

If you engineer a piece of content, why would you visually package it the same? Learn how to step up your sites performance by testing your blog design to increase conversions and make your content more socially viral and engaging!

5 Landing Page Strategies Your Competition Haven’t Thought of… Yet

Sometimes, the typical landing page strategies just aren’t enough. What happens when you take a step outside the box?

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