Click-Through Landing Pages

Click-through landing pages are designed to facilitate a single objective - to click on the primary call to action (CTA) to progress to the next step in your sales funnel.

Typically used for product based ecommerce, click-through landing pages enhance the upstream ad message (paid search, email or banner ad) and explain the features and benefits of the item being offered.

Important characteristics of a successful click-through landing page are: focus, message clarity, on-brand design integration and a targeted value proposition.

If you want to learn more about Click-Through Landing Pages, check out The Conversion Marketing Glossary.

iPad App Landing Page Example – iBrite

Jen Gordon has produced some great landing page designs for her iPad app development company ACleverTwist. The first example here is a click-through e-commerce template with the goal of buying an iPad app from the iTunes Store.

Type of Landing Page: Click Through
Built Using Unbounce: Yes

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Campaign Monitor – Just One CTA Please

This landing page is definitely in my top 5 list. It’s elegant, focused and really well targeted to the intended audience.

Type of Landing Page: Click Through
Built Using Unbounce: No

Screenshot of the designers landing page from campaign monitor

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Raw Natural Beauty landing page

Type of Landing Page: Click Through
Built Using Unbounce: No

Landing page elements

  • Video: The primary before/after image switches to a professionally shot video after a few seconds. Normally I don’t like auto-play, but in this case the short pause is good and the video plays like a real commercial.
  • Repeated CTA’s: With long pages you need to repeat the CTA throughout the page. They have done a great job of splitting the page up into bite-size (or screen-sized) chunks – each with it’s own CTA.
  • Interactive area: Half way down there is an interactive element where you can rollover a map to see location based testimonials.
  • Product hero shot: Right at the bottom is a nicely photographed display of the product they are selling, which reinforces the buying desire with a “here’s everything you get” shot.
  • Context of use: Photos are shown throughout the page showing the product in use (applying the skincare treatments, before/after shots).
  • Perpetual CTA: Another bonus for this long landing page is the floating CTA in the bottom-right corner, which moves as you scroll (not shown in screenshot)

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