A Beginner’s Guide to Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign [INFOGRAPHIC]

So you’re gearing up to run your first marketing campaign, are you? You’ve got your pencils sharpened and lined up in descending order of length. You’ve got a rainbow collection of sticky notes.

But you’ve got no idea where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

In partnership with infographic builder Venngage, we’ve put together a super actionable and digestible (dare we say tasty?) infographic that illustrates the entire marketing campaign process, all the way from ideation and planning to evaluating your campaign’s success.

Hover over keywords within the infographic to link to additional info and our handy-dandy glossary, and feel free to save it to your desktop or pin it for future campaigns. And if you’re more of the learn-by-reading type, we’ve got a little somethin’ somethin’ for you, too.

Don’t let running your first marketing campaign overwhelm you. Instead, take a deep breath and work through it one bite and a time.

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  1. Roberto Fernandez Larsson

    Excellent infographic, easy to navigate, to the point. Very helpful!

  2. Karen

    Love this infographic! Easy to follow, has all pertinent info!

  3. Joe

    Love this infographic… except for 1 thing. I can’t share it :( I want to put it on Pinterest and b/c it is an SVG I can’t. But the interactivity and content are amazing. Great job!

  4. Jeremy

    Dos anyone have more resources or links that go into more detail about the five components of a high converting landing page?

  5. andersstra

    One of the largest issues of the industry is the reduced number of people who can access those available funds. Big companies always prefer to advertise on big, serious and successful blogs than on smaller, personal ones. Launching a blog doesn t automatically make you successful and you need to take some steps and put in a serious amount of work to even reach the state where you can fight for good money. By reaching those heights, however, not only will your financial success be guaranteed, but also a tremendous reputation in the industry is an added advantage.

  6. Suman Maity

    Love the infographic. Very easy method to implement them. Useful resources.

  7. Nicola

    Only thing I would add in under ‘scope of project’ is to make sure you know where you’re getting your data from when you’re looking at the KPIs. So many people say they’re going to measure campaign success with metrics A, B and C, but when the campaign has ended they actually have no idea where to get the data from. Vital that the measurement plan is mapped out at the start. Other than that – spot on infographic! :D

  8. Andy Smith

    This is a great way to outline everything a person needs to know in order to launch a marketing campaign. I love the infographic because it helps those of us who like to visualize things. Thanks for sharing!

  9. ema

    Thanks for sheering post.One of the biggest issues of the business is the diminished number of individuals who can get to those accessible assets. Huge organizations dependably like to publicize on enormous, genuine and fruitful online journals than on littler, individual ones. Propelling a website doesn t consequently make you fruitful and you have to make a few strides and put in a genuine measure of work to try and achieve the state where you can battle for good cash. By coming to those statures, be that as it may will your budgetary achievement be ensured, as well as a huge notoriety in the business is an included favorable position.

  10. Ty

    Excellent infographics, it’s a great way to present information. Thanks!

  11. Karol

    If it’s a “beginner’s” guide, shouldn’t it start from making sure you have all demo- and psychographic characteristics of targeted customer persona’s at hand? This way it would make it easy to align all the channels along the same marketing angles. I guess message coherence is what I’m talking about.

  12. sonali singh

    info graphics is really good idea for relatingto their customer.

  13. Md kalamkhan

    Thank you so much .

  14. MD Arman

    This Infographic is very nice ……
    Big companies always prefer to advertise on big, serious and successful blogs than on smaller, personal ones. You’ve got your pencils sharpened and lined up in descending order of length. You’ve got a rainbow collection of sticky notes.