Use Live Chat for Customer Engagement & Higher Conversions [Meet Olark]

Imagine this scenario

Your customers are wandering aimlessly around your landing page not sure whether to buy or cry…

What do you do?

You ask them “What’s wrong, or how can I help?”
But how?

Introducing Our Latest Partner in Crime Conversion – Olark

(Comes with brightly colored cape and tight speedos)

To explain a little about how and why you should add a live chat widget to your Unbounce page, we had a chat with our new friends over at Olark to hear it straight from the source.

How does Olark help with conversion and customer engagement?

People have a natural degree of anxiety about finding businesses they trust on the web, and websites use a variety of methods to minimize this feeling past a threshold where the user is in a state of mind where they can be converted. Olark Live chat empowers you to reap the benefits of talking to your users.

User reviews, detailed photos, professional web design and expert endorsements all help address this anxiety, but having a genuine human presence can give you the edge in helping them overcome their fear. Your users will appreciate the presence of your humanity, and take that into consideration the next time they browse the internet superhighway for more of your widgets.

Aren’t you a better advocate for your product than pretty fonts and nifty web design?

What are the top 3 coolest things that people can do with Olark?

  • Live traffic: You can see live web traffic right in your chatting client. Literally. It’s like your website becomes a storefront and you can see the people right in front of you as they shop. Your site will never look the same to you again, kind of like when Neo took the blue pill in the Matrix. With Olark, everyone can be the chosen one!
  • User Information: You can see a lot of useful information about the people on your site: referring site, time on site, page views, city, contact (if chatting), current page (updates as they browse); We also have an API that gives the ability for all of the data your website has already collected to be right at the operators fingertips.
  • Chat and Browse: Most other live chat apps have a window pop out and engage the user, while we have a tab that floats over the webpage and follows the users as they browse. In the former, the user must switch back and forth between windows as they chat with an operator and browse the web, which feels invasive. Our hovering tab let’s users engage a human without interrupting their natural browsing behavior. (Editors note: that’s pretty rad)

How about stats that show the benefit of using Olark?

Sometimes, as we have meeting after meeting, talking about optimizing our sign-up page colors this way to increase conversion rates by 3%, tweaking our checkout funnel to lower our spill-off rate by 5%, or whatever testable metric is tossed out at the next meeting, we often forget to utilize one of the best resources for increasing conversion rates: YOU.

Our favorite stats that we’ve seen:

  • When you talk with a new user on your site, they are 3x more likely to return than a user that wasn’t engaged.
  • Decrease the rate of abandoned shopping carts by 15% when operators can see the dollar value in a user’s shopping cart.
  • Users you chat up spend 40% more time on your site.

[HOW TO] Add Olark to Your Landing Page

If you’re as excited by those features and stats as we are, then you’ll be wanting to add Olark to your landing pages lickety split. Fortunately, it’s dead simple.

Just follow these instructions:

  1. Sign up for an Olark account
  2. Copy the embed code from the “Install” page at Olark
  3. In Unbounce: Open the “Scripts” panel on your landing page
  4. Paste in the code you got from Olark in step #2 (as shown below)
  5. Make your Olark box look pretty on the Olark Customize page
  6. Set up your operators at Olark (configure your chat software etc.)
  7. Re-publish your landing page
  8. Start engaging with your customers and increasing conversion rates!

A/B Testing Tip

Over time, you’ll start to get a sense of what’s working on your page and what isn’t from your chat sessions. You can use this customer insight to help create a new variant page for an A/B test. Now you should see even higher conversions and less support requests. Now that’s smart business…

— Oli Gardner

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