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  • 411 Conversion Tips – The 2012 MEGA Roundup

    Don’t worry, we’ll save a lot of innocent kids with these 411 tips!

    Want the biggest collection of conversion rate optimization tips of 2012? We’ve gathered 411 for you – and counting. If we missed any, throw them in the comments so we can make the list even bigger.

    54 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips To Improve Your PPC Campaigns
    Sam Owen – PPC Hero
    54 tips broken down by category: Testing Methodology, Landing Pages, Ads, Sign Up Process & Checkout Process
    5 Highly Effective Landing Page Tips
    Mona Elesseily – Search Engine Land
    “Marketers are still way behind in their landing page improvement efforts.” This post gives marketers a push in the right direction with effective & proven landing page elements and examples.
    5 Simple Conversion Rate Optimization Tips For Your Website
    Edward Lujan – Usability Geek
    A perfect article to convince small and medium sized businesses that conversion rate optimization is VERY important. Don’t stop at SEO. Sure, finding your business is important, but if your potential customer find you, only to get confused and not use your services, then you have wasted all the time and money.
    11 Simple (But Critical) Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages
    Pamela Vaughan – Hubspot
    The 11 best practices every marketer should consider when setting up and optimizing landing pages.
    5 Tips for Landing Page Optimization Success from Tim Ash
    Tim Ash – The Online Marketing Blog
    Skip the intro and go straight to the body of this post (The intro talks about an event that has already happened).
    7 Tips for Landing Page Greatness
    Erez Barak – Search Engine Watch
    Conversion and landing pages go hand in hand. Or at least they should. Find out how to create a high-converting landing page.
    25 Smart Landing Pages for Collecting Leads +10 Tips for Your Next Page
    Oli Gardner – Unbounce
    Had to sneak one of my posts in here. What better way to learn than to look at landing pages and read my critiques. On top of the 25 landing page critiques, I also thought it would be good to pull together a recap of the most important lessons learned that you can use for your next page. Use these tips and you’ll be creating pages that convert better.
    Pretend You Are a Mute Salesman and 3 Other Tips to Help Your Landing Page Convert
    Demian Farnworth – CrazyEgg
    Sure, your landing page design is one of the most beautiful we have ever seen, but it sucks at converting. Sometimes you need some good strategical, psychological marketing tactics. Here are 3. Well, actually there are 4.
    53 Ways to Increase Conversion Rate
    Peep Laja – Conversion XL
    A list of 53 ways to increase conversion rate, along with an example for each case on how someone did it.
    7 Tips to Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate Using Images
    Mustafa Khundmiri- KISSmetrics
    Your image selection can increase your conversions. Choose the right photos with these tips. Can’t agree more with tip number 7) Stop Using Bad Stock Photos.
    ‘According to Bryan Eisenberg,’ Top 5 Conversion Optimization Tips
    Bryan Eisenberg – Amplify
    “Conversion optimization is a recurrent process. There is no end. Create the habit of testing to develop a systematic approach to continuous improvement.” If that quote dosen’t make you want to read the rest of Bryan’s advice, I do not know what will.
    10 Important Conversion Optimization Tips That Make Your Site Bad@$$
    Stoney G deGeyter – Search Engine Journal
    30 Quick & Clean Conversion Optimization Techniques for Buttons, Forms, Copy, Shopping Carts etc.
    Tadeusz Szewczyk – SEOptimise
    ‘Quick & Clean’ conversion tips broken down by buttons, forms, copy, shopping carts, typography & metrics
    5 Ways to Improve Your Contact Form Conversion Rate
    Neil Patel – Quick Sprout
    Improving the conversion rate of your contact form can mean big things for your business. Lessons from Neil Patel on how to increase the conversion rate on your contact form.
    17 Tips For Improving Website Conversion
    Jason Amunwa – Digital-Telepathy
    Or the alternate title, 17 ways to reach conversion rate Nirvana. Rock on and read on.
    84 Tips For A Killer Landing Page Design
    Alhan Keser – Blue Fountain Media
    These tips are one-liners, broken down by principles, elements, design and copy.
    27 Ways to Improve your Conversion Rates
    Renee Warren – Onboardly
    These 27 tactics include stats and facts, quoting conversion increases and subject matter experts to prove every single tip.
    13 Landing Page Tricks That Increase Conversion
    Morgan Brown – Digital-Telepathy
    Morgan Brown said it right, “conversion is truly king.” Conversion not content. Get it right people! Learn how to turn traffic into transactions with these 13 landing page tricks.
    Ultimate Guide to Effective Landing Pages: 50 Landing Page Best Practices
    Ion Interative
    50 Tips. 23 pages. Ion’s Ultimate Guide to Effective Landing Pages contains expert tips and strategies to build the best landing pages. Learn how to integrate your landing page with a post-conversion audience, and how to build audience-specific landing pages.
    6 Essential PPC Landing Page Optimizations
    Salar Salahshoor – SEOmoz
    A 6-step checklist to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls in regards to pay-per-click landing pages.
    4 Things You Can Do With Inconclusive Split Tests
    Brian Massey – Search Engine Land
    Here are four factors to consider when confronted with an inconclusive test. Because “there is nothing that will deflate a conversion testing plan more than a series of inconclusive tests.”

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    Making the web convert better – 1 tip at a time.

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