NO Barrier To Entry – A Conversion Marketing Axiom

Let your customers through.
Let your customers through.

An Axiom, outside the realm of logic or mathematics, is (to quote Wikipedia) an established principle of some field. Today, I would like to propose the creation of a new ideal, a new axiom, in the field of Conversion Marketing. An ideal is something to strive for. A goal – perhaps lofty – that one aspires to achieve in their work or life.

When it comes to conversion, it pays dividends to reduce the barriers to entry for your potential customers. A free flowing traverse of your online sales funnel; from ad, to landing page, to conversion action is the ultimate goal. And it stands to reason that you will have a greater conversion rate with a low barrier to entry.

That’s the traditional thinking on the subject – mainly from a usability or interaction design perspective.

Low No Barrier to Entry

I’m suggesting that in order to achieve a low barrier to entry, we need to aim for NO barrier to entry.

To truly live up to this ideal we would have to remove all lead generation or sign-up forms, which isn’t a realistic option. What I’m really trying to get at here is that if you can at least believe in the principle of working toward an ideal, you will ultimately get closer to that ideal by keeping it present in your process, focus and mindset.

So, next time you design a landing page, knock down those barriers until there are none left. Then stand up a few of the really important ones as you apologize to the Axiom for your human imperfections.

Oli Gardner

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