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  • Webtrends Lead-Gen: A Lesson in Cool Simplicity

    Today’s landing page example comes from WebTrends.com, a web analytics company. It’s a great demonstration of how to make B2B lead capture simple and clean.

    Type of Landing Page: Lead Gen
    Source: WebTrends.com
    Built Using Unbounce: No

    Webtrends.com lead gen landing page example

    Landing Pages Elements

    • Infographic: Visual aids on a landing page are “worth a thousand words” and can improve understanding among the attention-challenged internet generation. In this instance I’m not sure I completely get what it’s trying to demonstrate, but the intent is good, and stylistically it captured my attention.
    • Directional cues: The arrows in the diagram are used to show the flow of information within the infographic. But they also have the subtle effect of pointing at the primary action area – the lead gen form.
    • Lead gen form: The form is encapsulated in a separate area from the content and is placed on the right hand side of the page – which has been shown in some tests to be the best location (presumably to do with western reading direction).

    Why I Like It

    Thumbs Up Reason
    Descriptive CTA The form button describes exactly what you’ll get when you click it. (A data sheet).
    Drop dead simple There’s a value proposition, graphic, supporting text and a form. Absolutely no confusion about what you’re supposed to do.
    Focused design The dark background focuses your attention on the information – sort of like looking through a camera.

    Final Thoughts

    I would prefer to leave the form CTA button as the only thing that is shown in blue – simply to amplify its attention as the only interactive component (aside from the privacy link) – but that’s a very minor point unlikely to have an impact on conversion with a page this simple.

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