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  • Coming Soon: The Landing Page Master Class

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    Landing pages are awesome, we all know that. They expand upon your ad message just enough to distill the concept into a bite-sized chunk of marketing goodness. They convert waaay better than the traffic you send to your homepage, and once you understand the basics, they’re pretty simple to put together.

    Having said that, there are still a truck load of really really bad landing pages driving around on the old information superhighway.

    That’s all about to change…

    Coming Soon to an Inbox Near You!!!

    Or, specifically, your Inbox. It wouldn’t be appropriate to send our emails to an Inbox in the next cubicle. (FTR: I hope you’re not in a cubicle – that would be sad).

    Drum roll…..

    The Landing Page Master Class Series

    Starting soon (like hopefully April of this year), we’ll be unraveling a free course designed specifically with internet marketing types in mind. It’ll teach you all you ever wanted to know about architecting, designing, writing, optimizing and testing landing pages.

    Hurry up already!

    I know it sucks to have to wait, but I haven’t written a single word for this yet. It’s all bubbling in my head, waiting to be unloaded onto a big white screen (read: large iMac).

    Can we help?

    I’m glad you asked. As I build the curriculum (bullets in a text editor) – I’m going to be engaging you on Twitter (and the comments here) to find out what you really want to know about the Art & Science of Landing Pages.

    On Twitter

    If you’d like to discuss the Landing Page Master Class on Twitter – simply use the hashtag #LPOMC – and we’ll all get to see it.

    On this blog post

    If you want to make any suggestions, offer your assistance or just blab about the topic, please jump into the discussion below – this course will be created with you in mind so your input is invaluable.

    What do you want to know about landing pages?

    Comment below with any specific things you;d like to see on the course.

    Oli Gardner

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