Need Another Set of Eyes on Your Landing Page? [Free Pre-Publish Worksheet]

Need another set of eyes on your landing page before you show it to the world? Image source.

It’s hard for us to critique our own work objectively.

A second set of eyes can reveal things you didn’t even realize were there: a vague unique value proposition, typos or just plain boring copy.

But maybe your co-workers are tied up and don’t have a sec to look over your work. And your boss has bigger fish to fry.

Well, you’re not entirely on your own, because we have an 11-page checklist for you to help you better evaluate your landing pages and catch common conversion killers. The worksheet will help you:

  • Ask the right questions when evaluating your landing pages.
  • Identify weaknesses and potential conversion leaks.
  • Make sure you have all five key elements of a high-converting landing page.

Want to gut check your landing pages before you hit publish?

This 11-page checklist will help you better evaluate your landing pages and catch common conversion killers.
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Check out the video below to hear Princess (yes, her real name), Marketing Educator at Unbounce, break down the worksheet for you and explain how you can put it to use today.

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