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  • The Noob Guide as a Tag Cloud

    This week I posted a mammoth 14,000 word guest blog post on SEOmoz.org – including a 15 million pixel infographic. It’s a 6-month guided course to internet marketing, covering pretty much everything you need to know to get started with social media, email marketing, PPC, organic SEO, analytics, lead gen and conversion rate optimization.

    The Tag Cloud

    Today, all round awesome chap Paul Gailey ran it through the wicked cool Wordle app to turn it into a tag cloud, and it rocks!

    What does it say?

    Well it makes it pretty clear that it’s about marketing, but it’s really interesting to see how social it is with words like people, like and customers showing up prominently. In case you don’t understand tag clouds, the bigger the word in the cloud, the more it was used in the writing used to create it (in this case my blog post).

    “That just saved me three and a half hours of reading!
    — Carter Gilchrist (Unbounce co-founder and cheeky fella)

    The Infographic

    This is the infographic from the “Noob Guide to Online Marketing” post – which you should read over at SEOmoz to catch up on the thousands of words that produced the Wordle art above.

    Cheers for creating the Wordle art Paul – brilliantly done mate.

    Oli Gardner

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