[Webinar] Capture More Leads & Increase Conversions with Phone Call Tracking

Today we’re announcing an exciting new partnership with phone call tracking provider Ifbyphone – and to kick it off we’ve lined up a free webinar on September 21st (10am PST) that will show you how using phone tracking with your landing pages can bring in more conversions and qualified sales leads.

We even have an extra special guest on the webinar – Chris Goward, the CEO of conversion rate optimization specialists WiderFunnel will be joining Unbounce and Ifbyphone to highlight a case study that increased phone calls by 42%.

Track the origin of your phone leads with Unbounce and Ifbyphone (cheesy diagram – i know)

5 Reasons Why Phone Tracking Can Boost Conversions

  1. Demonstrate campaign ROI: Using unique call tracking numbers, you can measure the return on each ad individually.
  2. Forward calls to the right person: Get the RIGHT person on the line by customizing call forwarding based on different ads.
  3. Track online AND offline: Don’t settle for half a report – understand what is generating your phone calls.
  4. A/B test your ads: If you are using phone numbers in your advertising, you can track which is performing the best – and stop arguing about it.
  5. No technical expertise required: Ifbyphone’s tracking tools are hosted, ready to run, and work on any phone.

Register for the Free Webinar

The webinar runs on September 21st, 2011 at 10am PST (1pm EST) and presenting will be:

  • Irv Shapiro: CEO of Ifbyphone
  • Rick Perreault: CEO of Unbounce
  • Chris Goward: CEO of WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization

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